I Want My Husband to Love Me Again – Because I Think He Does Not Love Me Anymore

What is it that every woman wants when she is in a relationship? She wants a close loving relationship with her husband. If you are wandering around thinking, “I want my husband to love me again,” then something is missing in your relationship.

You do not need to stay in that train of thought, and if you want to know what steps to take to fix things so that you are back on track, then the following steps can help you.

No marriage is smooth sailing and each marriage has its own dynamic. Life brings with it all sorts of problems that couples need to deal with, sometimes on a daily basis. Because of this it is easy to lose track of each other and feel like love has been lost. If your husband acts like he does not love you, or has even told you that he doesn’t, then you are the one who can change that. Even if he said it, but he is still with you, then he most likely still loves you but just does not want to admit it to himself. You can help him realize that he still does.

Men usually become distant in a relationship when his needs are not being met. They need to feel respected, admired, appreciated and loved, as do women. While you may feel that you do, he may not sense it. It is something that he needs to hear and see, and actions for men speak louder than words. Sometimes when he does things that cause you to feel hurt or disappointed it is then all too easy to build resentment and react in kind. There are some very effective ways to prevent that happening.

If your focus is on the children and everyday routines, then it is easy for your husband to feel ignored and unloved. He wants your attention too, which is why he made a commitment to spend the rest of his life with you. Agreed, your children are a priority for both of you, but it should not be to the exclusion of each other.

He needs your attention, because that is what tells him that he is important to you and that you love him.

Begin drawing your husband back to you, by showing him that you respect and admire him. He may be reluctant to change to start with, as he may not trust that you have changed. So, keep it up. Treat him as you would like to be treated, with love and kindness. Pay him little compliments that are genuine and sincere. Do not nag him about things around the house. Ask him once about something, tell him that you are leaving it with him, when he agrees to do it, and then do just that. When he does complete something you have asked him to do, show him that you are grateful. Thank him for it.

Remember to give him a hug when he needs one and even when he doesn’t, but do not go over the top. Remind him of some of your good memories and what they mean to you. Even if he ignores you to begin with, keep on with it.

Remember to take care of yourself as well. Cultivate confidence and a good self-esteem within you, as this will change how your husband views you.

So, if your focus is on the thought “I want my husband to love me again,” take action and change things in your marriage for the better.

Source by Johanna Baker