I Feel Like I’ve Lost Her Forever – How to Pull Your Ex Girlfriend Back

“I feel like I’ve lost her forever.” That’s such a heart wrenching statement for any man to make. Break ups can be emotionally exhausting and they can leave you feeling more alone and confused than you thought possible. If the break up was especially difficult, you may truly feel that there is absolutely no hope for you to get your girlfriend back. Imagining a future without her is painful enough. Trying to move forward to live it can feel overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can pull your ex girlfriend back into your arms. You love her, so don’t give up.

Before you can even consider what a future with her could be like, you have to revisit the past. Obviously, if you feel as though you’ve lost your girlfriend forever you two must have had a painful falling out. If your break up was especially difficult, that has to be dealt with in the right way before you can forge ahead with a plan to win her back.

The most effective thing you can do at the moment is apologize to her. You have to show her that you’re mature enough to recognize that you did make mistakes when the two of you were together. If you let your emotions get the better of you during the break up and you said things you now regret, make amends for that. It’s not necessary or advised for you to go out and buy a big bouquet of flowers. You shouldn’t be putting any effort into writing her a love poem or letter either. This has to be a straightforward, from-the-heart apology. Don’t try and cloud it by adding anything to it. Say you’re sorry and mean it.

Unless she’s pining away for you the same way you’re pining for her, your ex girlfriend isn’t going to be open to the idea of jumping back into a romance with you. The pain of the break up is just too fresh. She doesn’t want to go there and frankly it wouldn’t hurt you to take a step back from it either.

The best thing you can do right now, if you hope to have another chance with her in the future, is to be a good friend to her. She has to start seeing you in a more positive light. Also, it’s crucial that there be some emotional distance between the break up and your second try at love with her. Let her see the good in you again by becoming a great friend to her. Keep things strictly platonic for now. When the time is right and she starts flirting with you again, you can move things back to the romantic place they used to be.

Source by Gillian Reynolds