How to Make Him Regret Losing You – He’ll Crawl Back to You Desperately Wanting You Back

After a breakup, how do you make your ex boyfriend regret losing you? Is there a way to make him beg you to take him back? Do it the wrong way and you’ll end up looking like the jealous ex everyone hates. Do it the right way and you’ll have him crawling back to you desperately trying to make up for every mistake he made.

Knowing how to make him regret losing you is ultimately about mending and repairing your relationship. It should never be about revenge and getting even. If you’re looking to get back at your ex because you’re upset and want to make him miserable, then you’re better off walking away with style and grace. After all, why would you want to stoop to his level?

The first way to make your ex boyfriend regret losing you is to create space. Cut off all contact. Don’t call. Don’t text. Don’t email or try to visit him at home or at work. If he tries to contact you, don’t immediately answer.

If he wants you to come over, tell him you’re busy. The goal here is to make him miss you. He won’t feel like he’s lost anything as long as you’re still around and in contact with him.

Next, never let him see that you are emotionally distraught over the relationship. Even if it tears you up inside, save your emotional outbursts for when you’re alone or when you’re with your girlfriends.

If you let your ex boyfriend see you crying and emotional, then he will see you as weak, needy, and desperate. It will confirm that he made the right decision by breaking up with you.

If you want the power back so he regrets losing you, then make it appear that you’re perfectly fine with the breakup. Be happy. Go out with friends. Go out and meet new people. Your ex boyfriend is expecting you to be sad and emotional. When he sees you happy, strong, motivated, and confident while hanging out with other people, he’ll quickly realize everything he’s missing out on by not being with you.

People always want what they can’t have. Your ex boyfriend is no different. He won’t be able to stand the thought of you being out and having fun with someone else. When he sees you’re not just sitting around waiting for him, he’ll probably try to make contact. This is your chance to not give in. Make him work for it a little bit. You want to make him crazy thinking about you and what he needs to do to win you back.

If he calls you, be polite, but don’t stay on the phone long. Be the one to end the conversation and get off the phone first. Tell him you need some time, but maybe you can talk again in a couple weeks. Then, when you’re ready, you can get back together on your terms.

Source by Derek Blandford