How to Make a Woman Orgasm For the Very First Time – The Complete Guide to the Female Orgasm

For a lot of men it is difficult to give a girl an orgasm, and you feel this way. You feel like you cannot give her the pleasure that she wants and it drives you crazy. You want to show your woman what you are made of and you want to prove to her that you do know what you are doing in the bedroom.

You want to learn how to make a woman orgasm for the very first time. You need to learn the complete guide to the female orgasm so you can really blow her away in the bedroom. Your woman is craving pleasure and she wants to have an orgasm from you. Now is the time that you gave her what she was craving.

To make a woman orgasm, a lot of preparations need to take place in the form of foreplay. One of the biggest things to understand about the female orgasm is that it is more about mental stimulation than anything else. When a woman is in the mood, anything is possible. If your woman is not in the mood, then your chances of making her orgasm are a lot less. You need to use some foreplay on her to get her in the right mood so you can prep her for pleasure.

The key to making a woman orgasm is to take your time. Even though this may seem like a contradictory statement, the slower you go and the more time you spend on her, the better. This actually helps her to reach an orgasm a lot faster. This is one of the keys to the female orgasm. You need to take your time and go slow on your woman if you want to give her out of this world pleasure. Her body is sensitive and she requires a gentle touch. The slower you go, the more control you have the less your chances are of causing her pain.

Another way to make a female orgasm for the very first time is to use oral sex on her. A lot of women can actually only have an orgasm from this kind of stimulation. For a lot of women, it is difficult to have an orgasm through g-spot stimulation. If you want to ensure that you are giving your woman the right kind of stimulation so she orgasms, then using your tongue might be your best bet.

Use these female orgasm secrets on your woman tonight and finally bring her to the climax that she has always dreamed of.

Source by Hugh Benson