How to Know What a Girl is Thinking by Reading Her Body Language – 4 Truths Finally Exposed

They say men are from Mars, and women are from Venus. So, what exactly must a man do when a Venusian starts talking her talk, and acting her Venusian act? Body language is one of the most important, but most neglected factors that people take for granted in the dating world.

Here are some body language clues that you may pick up from a girl, and what they may be interpreted as. Remember that these are interpretations, and while more often than not, accurate, they can be highly subjective as well. We have divided these little gestures into 4 levels. Find them below:

She’s physically attracted. A woman who is physically attracted will do either of two things to work her magic with her eyes. She may stare at you non-stop, or steal gazes at you. Either way, she’s looking at you noticing her.

A woman who is physically attracted may cross or uncross her legs, or lean back and project as if she were modeling in front of the camera. A woman who is physically attracted licks her lips, or bites them. She plays with the rim of her glass with her index finger. She may also be unabashed to touch a guy on the thigh, chest or his face.

She’s interested beyond your physical attributes. If a girl is attracted, but the interest is not sexual in nature, she won’t have that seductive look in her eyes. Instead, her gaze will be wide-eyed and her smile warm. Her body will be leaning forward, which means she is ready to listen and converse with you. She will be comfortable with her hands, and will use them when she’s talking.

She’s uncomfortable or very self-conscious. A girl may be self-conscious for a couple of reasons. She may either be uncomfortable (not used to talking to a guy), or she may have very low self-esteem (doesn’t see much in herself). She may look down when talking, or put her hands in her pockets, or fidget with little things in her hands.

Although this won’t tell you whether she likes you or not, it’s a good opportunity for you to boost her self-esteem. Do this by complimenting her. Pick a detail about her, for instance her hair. Then say, “I love your hair, it really brings out the color or your eyes.”

She’s not interested and could be bored. When you chat up a girl and she looks at everything around you except you, she might not be interested in what you’re talking about or you for that matter. When a girl thinks you’re lame, she will roll her eyes, or cross her arms over her chest, which in psychology means defensiveness or non-acceptance.

So these are the signs you may want to look out for. Reading them early will help you adjust your style before the date goes entirely out of your control.

Source by Jason Leading