How to Give a Man Romantic Goosebumps – Thrill Him Emotionally and Sexually

A good romantic movie always tries to give you maximum romantic goosebumps. Because, the more it gives you romantic goosebumps, the more it gets compliments. That’s why, movie directors always try to show those thrilling romantic scenes which gives your soul goosebumps.

If you want your marital life be filled with thrilling love, then you have to think like a romantic movie director/writer. You have to give your man maximum romantic goosebumps through emotional and sexual ways.

Emotional Ways

You have to thrill your man’s emotions for giving him romantic goosebumps in emotional ways. You have to light a fire in his emotions and feelings.

You can do this work in many ways, but you need to adopt only those specific ways which have great influence on men. Because, your ultimate goal is to compel your man to love you.

First I would like to give you an example of magic. Magic always has a very profound effect on ordinary people. Magic tricks dominate people’s thinking and don’t let people easily escape from their magical circulation. They create a deep impact on human mind and emotions. That’s why, whenever we see a brilliant magic trick, we feel goosebumps. We keep on thinking about that trick and try our best to learn it.

Like a magician, you also need to adopt those specific ways which create a great emotional impact on men. Here I am going to tell you some tips which you can use to thrill his emotions.

(a) Do thrilling activities at home. Thrilling activities emotionally activate a man and cause a magnetic storm in his feelings. There are many thrilling activities which you can do at home. For example: Invent a new dance with your husband, dance in your pajamas, play hide and seek, learn something special and new like a violin, or watch romantic movies.

(b) Intensify his desire. This is a very typical tip, because details matter in this tip. You intensify his desires through the details. For example: You whisper in his ears, give him special respect in front of others, ask for his opinion, catch and hold his eyes for at least 15 seconds with a mysterious smile, and treat him like your king.

Your real goal is to thrill him emotionally and intensify his desire. The more you’ll thrill his emotions and intensify his desires, the more you’ll give him romantic goosebumps.

Sexual Ways

It’s very easy to turn on a man sexually, but it’s very hard to keep him in a sexual state. You can easily bring him in the sexual mood, by just your sexy dressing, and compel him to do lovemaking with you, but you can’t give him romantic goosebumps through this way. In order to give him romantic goosebumps, you need to keep him in a sexual state for quite long. And, this can only happen with some thrilling sexual moves.

Here I am going to reveal some thrilling sexual moves which can give your man romantic goosebumps. After reading these below sexual moves, you can bring a magnetic sexual storm in his feeling.

– Apply his favorite juice onto your lips and give him a passionate smooch while rubbing the back of his neck.

– Kiss between a man’s chin and adam’s apple. It’s his erotic erogenous zone.

– Be a sexual lioness in your every sexual move. Roar like a lioness during foreplay and give him animalistic challenge. When you act like a wild sexual lioness, you always give him thrilling goosebumps.

Source by Bill A Hamilton