How To Give A Girl A Kiss She Will Never Forget

But, be warned, as how you kiss most definitely tells a lot about you, make sure that you are sending out the right message with yours!

With that in mind, lets have a look at the following:

Bad Types of Kisses and Bad Things They Say About You

1, Suckface

This will scare her away instantly, her face is not a carpet to be vaccumed!

It will make her see you as controlling and doesn’t send a good message.

2, Overly Aggressive Monster

Remember that you are both equals and are not competing so do not attack her mouth, you are not some football player pushing through the defensive line to try and score a touchdown.

This may well tell her that you are over anxious and again doesn’t give a good message. You need to try and ease into it as girls much prefer someone who shows that they are not so desperate.

3, Dead Fish

This is terrible and involves you just poking your tongue in their mouth and leaving it lying there, this is a sure fire way to make sure you will never get a kiss from them again! This shows no effort, laziness and might show lack of willingness and commitment… not good.

4, The Sloppy Wet One

Again, not very attractive… who likes saliva drooling everywhere and tongues thrashing about like toddlers in a paddling pool, if you go about your kissing like this, you are showing girls lack of skills and attention to detail.

And, if there is one thing which is hugely important to girls, it is those little details.

A girls personality will also be conveyed in her kiss so look out for how she kisses you too.

Before going any further you must keep in mind that 90% of sex is mental, therefore you must build it up in her mind.

You need to get her emotions flowing and set the mood. Also, remember that the most attractive quality a girl looks for in a guy is confidence, and you can convey this through your kiss, but never attempt to kiss a girl if you predetermine that you are going to pull back if she seems hesitant or in any way feel unsure of yourself.

How To Give A Girl A Kiss She Will Never Forget:

  • Build Anticipation

Crucial – as this starts to build it up in her mind, look at her in a way which tells her you want her.

  • Moving In

Breathe deeply and slowly, move your face to her neck and breathe in her scent, as you do this gently place your hand behind her ear and stroke her hair.

  • Compliments and Anticipation

As you move your face up from her neck gently breathe into her ear, whisper to her how gorgeous she is and that she smells so good, moan and even grunt a little into her ear.

  • Touch Her and Make Contact With Her

Softly kiss and suck on her neck, gently kiss your way up to her ear, kiss her ear softly. Every now and then look directly into her eyes and let your hands caress her neck and throat gently, kiss her more up and down her neck.

  • Going In For The Kiss

As you look her in the eye move your hands to around her waist, make her feel that you are taking control, move toward her lips and close your eyes slowly, then stop!

Grab her hair from behind her head and pull her head back, then as her neck is now exposed to you, begin to kiss her more passionately and even bite her neck a little. Feel her temperature rise and grip her more strongly with your hands.

  • Moment of Truth

Ever so gently suck on her lower lip, slowly and gently insert your tongue into her mouth, play with her tongue softly, with your hand cradle the back of her head for a while and then suddenly stop, look into her eyes like you are angry with her, push her against the wall and yank back her hair once more.

Now, really kiss her, hold her face as you kiss her and thrust your tongue into her mouth, rub your hands through her hair as you kiss and make her feel your passion and fire!

What Else Can Make For a Great Kiss?


Although not always controlable, a location can have a dramatic affect on your moment. Many girls prefer an attractive setting… like a beach as the sun goes down, so try to find a good location or if this isn’t possible just make your location nicer.

Guaranteed Kiss Killer

Bad Breath

This just plainly puts anyone off, always have fresh breath.

Advanced Tactic

If you can, lift her up and have her place her legs around your waist and throw her arms around your head and neck.

Should you be up against a wall, pin her arms above her head and against the wall, do the same if you are lying down.

Having her arms above her head will trigger her feelings of being wonderfully feminine as she now feels submissive to you.

Most of all… Enjoy your kiss!

Source by Bill Gregson