How to Get Him to See Me More Often! He Will Naturally Want to Spend More Time With You From Now on

So, you’re just started dating a guy, and are really liking him. The problem is, he always takes too long to ask you out, and when he does, he does so in an oh-so-casual way that you don’t even know how he really feels about you. You have lady powers to get him to ask you out more often. Here are the secrets to that:

Stay gorgeous.

You don’t need Beyonce’s legs or JLo’s booty to be irresistible. All you need are great skin, hair and a friendly smile. Guys don’t really go for the supermodel type. They understand that these ladies are high-maintenance and often impossible to keep up with. They would rather go for a simple girl who knows good style. Impress a guy by wise fashion choices and just the right amount of skin.

Suggest activities of common interest.

If you and your guy love the same activities, why not do it together? For instance, both of you love mountain hiking. You know of an event that’s coming up, and you would like an excuse to see him, so why not ask him to come along? He will eventually learn to do the same for you.

Make him dependent.

Better him, than you. Was he recently in down in the dumps and you were the angel who gracefully made him feel better? Are you always around when he needs to talk to a friend? Life isn’t perfect. The more challenges he encounters, the more often he will need to see you, if you make him realize you’re the only person who can make him feel good.

Let him know you’re a busy person.

For some reason, the more you make yourself available for a guy, the less they ask you out. It’s because, perhaps, they become complacent, and know that they can have you anytime they ask. But, if you let him know that you have a tight schedule, he will be compelled to insist on seeing you on a more regular basis.

Be an engaging conversationalist.

While you may have the gift of gab and enjoy listening to yourself all the time, he may not have the same sentiments. Talking and not letting him talk is absolutely selfish. On the other hand, if you are so impressed by him that you’re dumbfounded every time he speaks to you, you may also be projecting a weak personality. If he finds you are a great conversationalist and a good listener, he will ask you out more often.

Just ask him out.

It sounds like a desperate job, but if you really want something for yourself, you need to go get it like you mean it. Casually call him up and tell him you’d like to see him for coffee. If you get his machine, don’t try again. He will call you if he’s interested, and if he isn’t, find someone else.

Inject humor in your relationship.

So you want him to see you more often, but you don’t have the guts to open this out to him. Simple: Say it as a joke. “Where have you been hiding? I’m not going to eat you, you know.” “What’s wrong with me, you never want to see me” may sound desperate, but if you inject humor in the line, you could easily find out a man’s intentions. If he really likes you, he may say he’s sorry, and that he’d really like to see you a lot.

Source by Krista Hiles