How to Get a Taken Guy – This Will Easily Make Him Leave ANY Woman For You, NO Matter What!

As long as you know HOW to get a taken guy, nothing stands in your way. Yes, that’s right; I said NOTHING stands in your way. You see, all men are attracted to a certain types of women, for certain reasons, and as long as you understand and implement these reasons you will easily be able to make him leave ANY woman for you. Read on to find out how you can get a taken guy to leave her and date you instead…

#1: Get To Know Him How HE Wants To Be Known – A lot of women make the mistake of endlessly chasing a man and bombarding him with too many questions right off the bat. Doing such only drives him away and makes him think you are too clingy or will make him believe you are desperate (coming on too strong too quickly), especially when he “already” has a woman.

But the thing is, that is not how he wants to interact, and furthermore it’s not really how most men want to interact with women in the first place. Since most women make the mistake of trying to get to know him how they think is “right” or normal, what ends up happening if he answers all of the questions, is that he is forced to various show sides of himself in the WRONG manner and in the end feels misunderstood.

Instead, let him take his time in revealing things to you. It is OK to ask him questions, but don’t try and force anything out of him by asking thousands of questions in one go. If he isn’t answering, it is for a reason, and if you don’t respect that he will feel as if you simply aren’t listening…and therefore will think you don’t even understand him.

Remember that since you want him to leave the other woman, your main objective should be making him feel as though you want to know him for who he really is first, so that he will feel comfortable getting to know you in the end. By listening to him and letting him take things at his own pace, you show him that you can be trusted and this in turn makes him feel more attracted to you.

#2: Understand What Men Really Want…Not What You THINK They Want

The main mistake most women make is to assume that men simply always want to flirt and are always sexual, whereas in real life men actually like to be heard, understood, and accepted just like women do. What this means is that a man actually enjoys it when he can express himself or talk to a woman and have HER listen, and he loves it even more when she understands him.

But the fact remains that too many women overlook that fact and end up repelling a guy away because instead of listening they are asking too many questions and are taking him the wrong way.

For instance, if a man becomes quiet, a woman may think to herself: “Oh, something’s wrong…I must have said something that made him mad…” and immediately she is bombarding him with more questions trying to find out what’s wrong, when in fact nothing is wrong he is just silently enjoying her company.

In the end, if you really want to get a man to like you enough to leave another woman for you, you need to listen to what he actually wants, so that he feels understood. The fastest way to do this is to throw all of your pre-conceived assumptions about men out the window, and leave space for him to show you really what he is truly all about.

Remember that most men have to deal with women always accusing them of simply always wanting sex, women who only want him for money, or women who simply always misunderstand everything…and women accuse men of this all the time. This is a huge turn off to men, because it is a constant battle for them to always feel misunderstood and under appreciated….and because this is something which 99.9% of women do, you can easily get him to like you more and leave her just by TRULY understanding him and listening to him.

Thus if you really want to get a taken guy to leave his current partner and date you instead, all you have to do is understand what he really wants, because once you do, he will feel 100% comfortable giving you everything you want in return.

Source by Russell Jackson