How To Get A Man Back After He Pulls Away – Your Secret Strategy

You see something strange with your man. He is starting to avoid you at all times. You try to call him, but he is not there to answer the call. You try to text him, he won’t answer it. When you meet him, he tries to avoid looking you in the eyes, and he seems to have lack of focus toward the conversation that you are having with him. That’s the signs that your man is pulling away from you. There are various reasons as to why he is doing that to you. But, whatever the reason, if you want to get your man back after he pulls away, here’s your secret strategy.

1. Give him more attention

When a man starts pulling away from you and avoid you all the time, you have to give him more attention. Maybe, he is doing that because you are not giving him enough attention. He needs your attention in order to make him more convinced that you will always be there for him. If you don’t give him enough attention, he will eventually try to get it somewhere else. So, if he starts withdrawing himself from you, give him your attention even more.

2. Give him more respect

Have you been disrespectful toward him lately? That’s a likely cause for your man to avoid you. Remember that a man needs to be respected by his woman. He doesn’t want to be treated like a worthless being. He doesn’t deserve it. So, if you’ve been so disrespectful toward him lately, you have to start giving him more respect. You might say that he is just immature for demanding respect from you. But, it’s not true. He just asks for what he deserves to get.

3. Don’t talk about other men in front of him

If you keep talking about how good other men are in front of him, then expect him to lose his interest toward you. Why? That’s because by simply talking about other men, you are showing your disloyalty toward him. And how can you make him want to marry you if you are showing your disloyal trait right in front of him? He doesn’t want to have a disloyal wife.

4. Give him time to be alone

If he is pulling away because he wants to take care of his things, you should give your understanding toward him. Give him time to be alone and to think through about his situation. Sometimes, you might want to support him when he allows you to do it. Just be there for him whenever he needs your help. But, give him enough time to ponder and be alone.

Source by Riz J. Natalie