How to Convince Him to Give Me Another Chance? This Will Finally Make Him Give You Another Shot

If your husband or boyfriend has broken off the relationship after a grave mistake committed on your part then you would be surely thinking on how to convince him to give me another chance.

Well, although the path ahead is tough, it can be negotiated towards a happy reunion if you follow these vital steps.

Stop begging for forgiveness each time you see your guy

What has been done has been done. There is no way that you can undo your actions and by repeatedly begging for forgiveness, you will only remind your guy about your mistake and enrage him further.

You should, instead give your guy some time to calm down. Your guy might start missing you and even start doubting if his decision to leave you was an over-reaction to the situation.

Apologize only once, but make it good

You should look deep into your soul and find out the exact reason that prompted you to hurt your guy in the way that you did. You will need to ensure that such a mistake never ever happens again.

You can now write a letter or meet up with your guy face-to-face and apologize in all honesty. You should also inform your guy on the steps that you have taken to ensure that such a mistake is never committed again.

Focus your attention on picking up the pieces

After the apology, back off gracefully and focus your attention on picking up the pieces of your own life. Reduce your dependence on anyone and get a job and a hobby too. Remain busy so as to forget the pain as well as to earn respect and money in the real world.

Remain friends with his friends

If you were good friends with his friends before the breakup then you should continue to be friends although not in an aggressive manner. Your guy’s friends will invariably inform your guy if you are truly repentant and whether you have stuck to your promises.

Do not try the jealousy card

Although jealousy might have worked under other circumstances, you should not try it if your guy is already mad at you. Instead, simply mingle with other guys at any party without going on dates or acting desperate. Your maturity will be noticed and appreciated by your guy, thus cooling him down further.

Compliments always work

If you do bump into your guy at a party then casually praise his new shirt or haircut. A little casual flattery will surely turn the tables in your favor especially if he has already mellowed down.

Try for a heart-to-heart meeting

If your guy seems to have calmed down enough and seems open to the idea of reconciliation then you should try for a heart-to-heart meeting through mutual friends. You can now make him understand that you are simply a human being that has slipped up, and convince him to give you another chance.

By following the above steps, your guy would quickly get impressed by your efforts at repenting and rectifying your mistake, and will surely give you another chance by welcoming you with open arms.

Source by Russell Jackson