How To Be Dedicated To Jesus And Start Serving Him

Open your Bible to John 12:26 it says… If anyone serves me, he must follow me; and where I am, there will my servant be also. If anyone serves me, the Father will honor him. Go ahead and highlight that scripture.

The Lord Jesus is looking for people who are bold enough, dedicated enough and committed enough to start serving Him. Tell me how? Honor Him and welcome His guidance into your life every day. Nothing is as important as following Jesus and spending time in prayer and talking the Word with Jesus. If you will give attention to the Word of God, soon you will start serving Him.

There is no one that will honor you like God! Are you filled with the joy of Jesus inside you? Are you dedicated to Jesus? Are you halfway, or are you going all the way? What do I mean? Follow the Truth, and do not abandon it! When you let Jesus in, you gladly give Him full possession of your heart. The Holy Spirit plants His written Word in your heart so you may delight in Jesus and serve Him.

You want to be so built up in His Word that you are in the spiritual place where it doesn’t matter which problems come or what difficulty comes. You are fixed on following Jesus! You read His Book every day! His Word is your walking foundation. You are a person that’s dedicated to Him, hungry and thirsty for Him. You’re aware of His presence and you’re consulting with Him throughout the day.

It’s time to serve Him! You must truly believe that He will supply you with the means to do what you have to do to be a servant in His kingdom on Earth. You stir yourself up and encourage yourself in the Lord. What is He telling you? He is saying the same thing today that He did in the Bible days.

There are so many scriptures that show us that when we believe, trust in, rely on and have faith in Jesus, good things happen. Do you know what God wants you to do more than anything else today? He wants you to fellowship with Him and serve Him. Glory be to God!

Keeping His Word and obeying His voice! Why? If you listen to the voice of the world, you will think like the world. God wants you to have the mind of Christ!

God has a supernatural plan for you and your job is to operate within that plan. Today is a new day filled with a new opportunity to do so. Accepting the plans of the Holy Spirit positions you to receive the benefits of Heaven on Earth. That’s how God will honor you.

Source by Darrick Bussell