How to Be a Sweet Girlfriend – Make Your Boyfriend Feel Like the Luckiest Guy in the World

Having a boyfriend sure is something we girls look forward to. Being in love and being in a relationship can be quite overwhelming and inspiring and we always want to keep the romance alive and thriving in our relationship. It sure is something every girlfriend would want — to keep their boyfriends happy and motivated all day everyday. No need to go elaborate or to shower him with expensive gifts or treating him out every single night. The simplest gestures will always have the bigger and deeper impact. So below are some tips for you to follow on how to be a sweet girlfriend and make your boyfriend feel absolutely lucky to have you:

  • Show a little public display of affection. You heard that right — most guys love it when their girlfriends don’t show a slightest hint of shyness when you’re out together. Well, there are a few conservative fellows who might want to keep it as private as possible but surely, holding hands and kissing on the cheek and clinging to each while crossing the street are not only normal for a couple to do — it’s also downright cute and romantic.
  • Get close. When talking to each other, always get close — or closer. Make your faces a few inches from each other when you speak. It makes you both feel bonded and intimate together, like you’re sharing a beautiful secret. That’s what’s great about having someone to love — it gives you an excuse to get sweet and cheesy. Be a sweet girlfriend by always leaning close when you communicate with your guy. He’ll be the envy of every guy sooner or later.
  • Kiss him when he least expects it.Now this trick is guaranteed to get him turned on big time — kissing him when he least expects it. Believe it or not, most men would want their girlfriends to unleash a little aggressiveness from time to time. It makes them feel totally loved — not to mention that they’d start to imagine naughty things with you. Aside from that, you’ll be true blue certified sweet girlfriend in no time.
  • Surprise him. Surprises are romantic and not only girls love them — so as guys. What more when it’s their girlfriends who made an effort to surprise them? It’s definitely going to make his day. So come up with some really clever surprise ideas and you’ll never regret it — you’ll be sweeping him off his feet this time!

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Source by Steffi Hall