How To Be A Human Being, Even In This Mad Time

If you do not have patience, develop it, however long and how much work time it takes. The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step forward, and the first travel arrangement you make. That is where it starts. It all starts with intentions genuinely acted on productively, not with empty screaming anger, “intending to do something”.

With that dramatic beginning to this article, indeed, that is my first suggestion to being a human being in this mad time of high emotional and irrational thinking and action.

So, if you want to think right in a wrong time, and ultimately make life on your side in the future: Start here.

Indeed, the real bridge to the future in reality is made by us, it does not come from outside of us. Existence is controlled to an extent by us and our thoughts, but not owned by us and our thoughts, that is the variable. Oh, chance plays into everything. Generally, we have to make our own way through life and existence unless something fortunate or unfortunate as a variable changes things for better or worse for us. Read this, though, emotionally fearful, destructively superstitious thinking always makes things worse because reality is objective in all senses in how it really works in its nature. We must look at things almost like reality probably looks at them: With objectivity, patience, understanding and open-minded realistic tolerance of all situations and realities that come up, good, bad or neutral. Like I said above, the journey starts with the first genuine travel arrangements you make, and those are the first genuine travel arrangement, tolerance and objective preparations for situations good, neutral or bad. I end this paragraph with the old Boy Scouts of America/Cub Scouts of America motto and anthemic theme: Be Prepared.

If you have developed patience, understanding and tolerance, you are fine. If you have not, well, through this writing, I am praying for you to develop it to make life work better for you. Let me explain:

Reality is a set of situations that always need to be dealt with in a realistic, business like way and emotional, irrational thinking hinders everything instead of helps anything. There is nothing in this life going crazy or getting angry accomplishes but bad, irrational stress that does not have any effect but a bad effect. So, I end this article with: Be objective, and be cool, and all else good will be added ultimately.

Source by Joshua Clayton