How Often Should You Have Your HVAC System Serviced?

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems need to be cleaned, inspected, and serviced every year, at the very least. It’s advisable to have your heating system examined by a technician during fall and your cooling system checked in spring to make sure they’re in perfect condition when you need to use them.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few things you need to consider to learn why annual HVAC system inspection is necessary:

As your HVAC equipment ages, it becomes less efficient and starts undergoing problems that require your immediate attention. There many factors that can contribute to the slow decline of your system, such as dirty and clogged vent, degrading moving parts like the condenser coil, a decrease in the fluids, etc.

If you get your system serviced regularly, you’ll be able to minimize the problems that are expected to arise with time, increase the life span of your system, and make sure your utility costs don’t increase due to the units working extra hard to meet all your comfort needs.

You may think that paying for a yearly inspection is a lot of money, especially if your system hasn’t shown any visible signs of malfunction. However, when you ignore preventive measures, you’ll increase the chances of your HVAC system running a lot less efficiently and it may suffer a breakdown sooner than you expected.

This would lead to an increase in your utility costs and the price you’d have to pay for repairing different components that you ended up neglecting over the months. It’s better to pay a small amount for routine service instead of letting the repair and maintenance costs add up over time.

As you’re probably aware, your HVAC system is good for more than your heating or cooling your property. It’s also responsible for proper ventilation and improved air quality.

When you have a well-maintained system that’s in optimal working condition, you wouldn’t have to worry about pollutants, dusts, and other such irritants causing health complications for you and your loved ones.

It’s not as simple as hiring a service technician to take a look at your unit once or twice every year. If you truly want your HVAC to last longer, you need to take preventive measures to maintain it regularly.

This may include keeping your outdoor units clean and free of dirt and debris and checking for any water leaks in the system, strange noises, and uneven temperatures. It’s also important to clean or replace your air filters every month at least to minimize the load on your unit and make sure it works smoothly.

It can be easy to overlook problems in your HVAC system when it’s not in use, but delaying routine service can lead to a major breakdown when you least expect it. Don’t take your well-running HVAC unit for granted and make sure you’re getting it serviced regularly so that it can work efficiently for a long period of time.

Source by Dave Kagan