He Will Come Back To Me, Yeah? How to Know If Your Ex Is Coming Back To You

You can usually multi-task while thinking, but when your ex leaves you there is only one thing on your mind. You probably feel that you want him back, but at the same time you are angry he left you. You probably miss him being there, but at the same time hate him for what he has done to you. The main thing here is you’re not going to forget about him right away, you need time to let the heartbreak heal.

Will he come back to you? You’re probably hoping and praying that he does come back to once again be your boyfriend and lover. If this is the case then you need to use every weapon available to you. Don’t be desperate or needy in wanting him back, at least don’t let him see it. Otherwise, he might come back to you but for the wrong reasons. Usually guilt and pity. Needless to say, a relationship built around that will not last. He must come back to you of his own reasoning. He should be feeling that he needs to be in your company rather than the other way round.

Here’s a little secret I want to share: Don’t do what you think you need to do to satisfy your need to get him back. Do the exact opposite instead. For instance if you want to contact him or just find out if he’s okay, don’t! Just ignore him completely so that he thinks you don’t care. This is called the no contact method and is a major part in getting your ex back in any situation.

This is going to have a profound effect on him: He wont be able to help himself and will be overcome with curiosity as to what you are doing. He might be thinking things like “I wonder what she’s doing? Where she is? Why does she keep going out all the time?” This will only lead him to try to solve these mysteries by contacting you.

Do not worry, a lot of girls think that if they ignore their ex after a breakup they will push him further away or even lose him: This is not the case. He isn’t just going to forget about what you guys had, especially when you are causing all this curiosity and mysteriousness. As I said before, he is likely to want to contact you so don’t be surprised if he does. Just keep a level head and play it cool. Don’t show him how happy you are that he called, and even go as far as sounding a bit distant and not really interested as you have better things to be doing in getting on with life.

Stick to the no contact rule as part of your get your ex back action plan, and you will see first hand how powerful this tactic is at tugging at your man’s curiosity, and ultimately drawing him back to you.

Source by Jake Reese