He Who Hates, Hates Himself

The nature of nature itself is balance, and so everything will come a full circle like it or not. Perhaps it isn’t your fault, perhaps this is all just a charade to make you look bad. But here’s the catch, once you cross that boundary, once you fall into that bottomless well, there’s no going back. Hate is no faction, it is the strongest emotion a human can feel, which goes to say it isn’t something to be trifled with. Escaping from such a pit is nearly as impossible as reaching the bottom. Even if you do manage to climb out somehow, even if you conquer the impossible, you will still have to face the ways of humans, you will have to face… the society.

Think of a hero of legend. His family murdered by the tyrant king’s hands. Every day of his life he dreamt of the terrible vengeance he would bestow upon the king. When finally he did slay his nemesis, he stood there with the king’s head in one hand and the crown in the other. His rage so intense, his grief so deep that he takes the crown for his own. Becoming the next tyrant, he inflicted pain upon his subjects like the one he felt all those years ago. What use is a beautiful vengeance if it turns the day ugly? In his dislike of the tyrant, his vow to never be like him, his hate corrupted him eventually turning him into his own enemy.

Most truly one can control their hate, for if they merely peek into the pit of hate, they can see their own darkness and learn to not just suppress it, but use it. A mother of all, knows about the boundary between hate and love. A mother, who tackles through day and night, misery and plight, fickle and fight. A mother who exactly knows when to punish, for she knows how adversary can shape someone into something stronger; a mother who knows when to reward her child, for only those kept in the dark know the joy of light.

Yet again everything comes a full circle.

Your hate isn’t a singular identity. It comes in various shapes and sizes. For instance jealousy, a dual hatred for the person in front of you and for yourself too. In a more controlled amount this feeling has another name and it is called ambition. You cannot truly be ambitious if something doesn’t necessarily ITCH you. You cannot truly be ambitious if you are simply too content with yourself. This is just one of the many ways this hatred in people brings out their best.

Remember that time I said that hatred is the strongest emotion a human can feel? I lied. The strongest thing a person can feel is forgiveness. When one can find it in one’s heart to truly forgive someone, something who is the cause of their hatred, they let down a tremendous burden. On the other end, the one who gains this forgiveness, has also gained wings, for where there is forgiveness, there is also hope.

As is, he who hates, hates himself, the true goal is to forgive yourself for hating yourself. Only then you can complete the circle, and venture onto a new path, one with love, one with hope.

They only way to balance darkness is light, the only way to balance hate, is love. Love everything, everyone, so that one day no one will need to fall in the pit of hatred anymore.

Source by Dhanur Gera