He Says I’m Too Possessive – Why This May Be Pushing Him Away Forever

“He says I’m too possessive.” If you’ve been saying this and you’re not worried about the state of your relationship, you should be. The moment a man tells a woman she’s too possessive is the moment he’s considering ending the relationship. Although you may think that it’s a sign of how much you adore him, he doesn’t. He sees it as a problem, a big problem.

To a man, a woman who is possessive is unappealing. The reasons are many but it all hinges on how he thinks you view yourself. A good example is if he tells you that he’s going to hang out with his friends instead of you for the evening. You get upset and tell him that if he loved you, he’d spend that time with you. To you that makes perfect sense given the fact that you’re a couple. To him it feels as though you think you have him on a very short leash that you control. He’ll feel suffocated and he’ll view you as being too domineering. If you do this even once, it does have an impact on how he feels about you.

It becomes even more of a problem if he has female friends or co-workers and you have a negative attitude about them. Other women are a fact of life. They exist and your man will have to come in contact with them, talk with them and interact with them. It’s just how it is. If you cop a negative attitude each time you catch him talking to a woman or you grill him with questions each day when he comes back from work that will wear thin very quickly. Not only will it upset him but it will make him believe that you’re doing it because you have zero self esteem. Jealousy is never an attractive quality and if it’s a constant part of your persona, he’s going to pull back very quickly.

All men need their own interests and their own lives. If there is something that your guy enjoys doing on the weekends or evenings and you try and make him feel guilty for doing it instead of being with you, he’ll again think it’s a sign of you wanting to possess him. Being in a balanced relationship encompasses loving everything about the other person and letting them be who they are. If you try and monopolize all of your man’s attention and time, you’re actually stealing away his life and the person he is. This is a crucial relationship mistake that you just don’t want to make.

Source by Gillian Reynolds