Give Your Kids The Gift Of Pool

Pool/Billiards is a great game! It can be enjoyed at the highest skill levels right down to the first time player, and every skill level in between. It’s a game that can be played by mothers and fathers with sons and daughters for a lifetime.

The game will begin to get more enjoyable to play the more you improve. It’s really fun when you can run a few balls and be able to strategically move the cue ball around the table. Fortunately for the beginner, they’ll start to see dramatic improvement with a little practice.

But what about the younger kids? They want to play too. Shouldn’t they also be able enjoy the game?

Does this sound familiar:

You’re invited to a family gathering at a home that has a pool table. At some point the cover comes off and a game breaks out. Soon people are picking partners, playing pool and having a good time.

And then the kids want to get involved. They see you’re having fun, and they want to play too.

You don’t want to exclude them, but the fact is, as soon as young kids start trying to play on an adult size table with adults, it’s really not fun for the adults or the kids.

For the adults, any flow to any game goes out the window. And for the kids, they can’t hold the stick properly because they’re not tall enough and they’re probably not going to pocket any balls because of that.

Want to get a perspective for what it feels like for a kid to try to play pool on an adult table? Grab yourself a stick, and try playing a game on your knees. It’s almost impossible to play if your shoulders are barely taller than the table.

An adult size pool table stands about 32″ high. To comfortably make shots and pocket balls, your back elbow needs to be a minimum of 36″ off the ground when you set up to make a shot.

The best way to start teaching your kids the game of pool is to start them out with a mini pool table.

With a miniature pool table, your kids will be able to start to learn and enjoy the game at a younger age. The sticks will be shorter and lighter so they’ll have much more control with them.

You’ll be able to show them how to hold the stick properly, how to make a bridge, and how to stroke their shots and they’ll be able to learn correctly from the beginning.

Your kids will be able to see what it really feels like to play pool on a table that’s more suited to their height. They won’t be overwhelmed by the size of the table or the equipment.

Mini pool tables come in different sizes and many of them have received many favorable reviews. The great thing about some of the better ones is that you’ll also enjoy playing on it with your kids.

If you’re a pool player with kids and hope some day they’ll show some interest in learning and playing the game, don’t wait for them to grow into an adult size table.

Get them started early with a mini pool table. They’ll learn how to play at a young age, they’ll have much more fun on a table that’s more their size, and by the time they are old enough or tall enough to play on an adult table, they’ll already have a pretty good idea how to play.

Mini pool tables make a great gift for the kids. Surprise them this year with the gift of pool!

Now that you know how to get your kids playing at an early age, don’t forget about the big kids on your list that play. They have a wish list too.

Source by Mark F.