Getting Your Ex Back Takes Time – Prepare Yourself to Be Patient

Getting your ex back takes time as well as patience. You must keep a level head because chances are if you do not remain calm, you will more than likely make a mistake which will cost you dearly in getting your ex back. If you are not the one who ended the relationship, you will need to give your ex time. But if you are patient, you will get your ex back. Of course, there are other things you must also do to accomplish it.

You must realize the breakup happened for a reason

You must understand that there are reasons your ex ended the relationship and they are not going to date you again until there are some changes instituted within your life or maybe even their life. Your ex will need to miss you and your ex will not miss you if you are consistently around all the time. Getting your ex back will require that you do not contact them for a while.

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Relationships are very much complicated but the breakup between you and your ex does not have to be as such. You need to simplify the situation. This means that you need to cease contacting your ex, which will enable your ex to miss you. Ceasing contact with your ex will also enable you to clear your head. You need to distance yourself from the pain associated with the failed relationship. Time does indeed heal all wounds and this includes the failed relationship. Getting your ex back will depend on how you handle this situation in its entirety.

Do not stay in touch with your ex right away

Many people make the mistake of wanting to stay in touch after a failed relationship. This is not good for you as the person who was dumped. Keep in mind that when someone ends a relationship, more than likely they do not want to stay in touch right away therefore, do not push staying in touch with your ex.

“Let’s be friends” is not a good idea

The “let’s be friends” idea is very noble however; let us face reality that more times to none when men state such a phrase, they unlike women do not truly mean it. When men state this “let’s be friends” phrase, they are more than likely wanting to hang onto you in case they cannot find what they are truly searching for and with still being friends with you, this phrase allows them to use you for the “fall back” person.

Getting your ex back should not entail having to lose your self-respect or being used. Please keep this information in mind when a man utilizes this phrase with you. Being friends with your ex will not be helpful in getting your ex back.

Do not burn up the phone lines with your ex

Do not consistently call your ex, in fact; do not contact your ex at all. Do not email your ex, do not text message your ex. Stay away from your ex as long as you can. If you completely stay away from your ex they will eventually contact you, even if only to say hello and be friendly, this is a great first step in getting your ex back.

Remain hopeful but realistic

Keep in mind that just because your ex contacts you this does not mean they want you back. Where this is not a sure fire way of knowing your ex wants you back, it’s a good sign that your ex was thinking about you otherwise, they would not have called.

The following information should be helpful in getting your ex back but do understand that nothing is fail proof. Sometimes relationships end for reasons unbeknownst and sometimes it is best to walk away. In stating this, it’s OK to miss your ex or want your ex back however, just play it cool and if it’s meant to be, he or she will come back and both of you can work on the future you wanted together in the first place.

Source by Ilona Benes