Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back – Don’t Hassle Her Now – Leave Her Alone

You are down, despondent, and absolutely desperate to get your ex girlfriend back. This desperation could very well prompt you into doing things that you really shouldn’t do. It might seem like the right thing to do at the time, when in fact you could be ruining any chance to get her back into your life again. Read on, and discover how to do things in a way that you will be successful.

If you have been thinking of calling your ex an try your best to get her to come back to you, forget about it altogether. Yes, you do have things that you want to and need to say to her, but believe me, right now is the wrong time to do it.

Your relationship ended with you and your ex saying some really bad things to each other. These things cause a lot of pain and anger to both you and your ex. You are treading on VERY thin ice if you make any attempt whatsoever to try to get your ex girlfriend back at this stage.

Just knowing that it is you who is calling her all the time, and sending her text messages at all times of the day or night, will make her explode – she does NOT want to talk to you right now. Leave her alone entirely. Let her work things out her own way, under her own steam. Call her now, and you will be interfering big time with her thoughts.

Get your ex girlfriend back by respecting her need to be away from you for now. Let her sort out her emotions and get them back on track again. There will come a time when she starts thinking more positively about you, and that will be the perfect opportunity for you to try to get her back again.

You will know when she is ready to talk to you. At some point she is going to realize that she DOES still love you, and will probably send you a text message or email. She will be feeling a little awkward about talking to you at this time, and will want some sort of confirmation as to how you feel about her.

When you get this text message, grab the opportunity with both hands, and say the things that you have wanted to say to her for so long. Your positive message will let her know that you still love her, and this will prompt her into giving you a call. Of course when this happens, you get your ex girlfriend back.

Source by Ilona Benes