Get Him Back Now – Bring Him To His Knees!

Are you frustrated and upset since your breakup and you just want to know what you can do to get your ex back? Do you wish you knew what to do to make him want to come crawling back to you on his knees? It really is possible to make him regret breaking up with you and turn him into an emotional mess with very little effort. You just have to know how guys work and what emotional hot buttons to press to make him want you, desire you and need you more than ever.

Most women try the old tried and true methods of getting their ex back that never work. They try talking to their ex, discussing the breakup, promising to change, trying to be nice, trying to be mean… they try everything under the sun. These methods will actually make it more difficult for you to get your ex back in the long run and women often wind up pushing their guy away instead of drawing him closer using these methods.

The thing you need to understand about your man is that in spite of the fact that he says that he is unemotional his decisions are based upon emotions. It is just that his emotions are so deeply seated into his psychological makeup that he doesn’t realize that he is being swayed by them. He might say that he is logical and many time his decisions might seem to be logical or he might have valid reasons for the decisions that he makes but don’t be fooled. Guys can be controlled by emotions and psychology or psychological tricks.

No guy, your ex included, will ever be convinced to do something until he feels some emotion behind it. He will never decide to get back together with you because you present a solid logical argument. But if you can make him feel desire for you again and loss for not having you around then you have a solid chance of getting him back. If you can push him over the edge emotionally and make him miss you times ten then having him chasing after you and wanting to get back together will be a cinch.

And how do you bring him to his knees? The more emotions you can make him feel and the more intense those emotions are and the longer you hold out the crazier you will make him. It is that simple. Of course, these techniques do require that you work sort of in stealth mode. Overt attempts to seduce him or make him jealous will end in failure and bring about little response from your ex. But when you understand how to push his emotional hot buttons it will appear that you are doing absolutely nothing to try to get him back and that is the key.

Source by Cory Jean