Gems That Brighten One’s Day, He Left His Love, Poor Sue Dunham (3 Poems)

Gems That Brighten One’s Day

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Or so our Marilyn crooned…
But I’ve got something better, you see;

They outshine the sun and the moon.

These folks are gems of the highest regard,

They sparkle wherever they are…
Loving and jolly, bright as a pin,

Settled here and there and afar.

I’m deeply pleased to address them

As friends of quality shone…
Lovely men and women,

The sweetest to be known.

And so I wish the very best

With tidings filled with love…
We fit together, my dearest friends,

Like a smooth and satin glove.

May our days be ever so humble…
May our nights be fragrant with flowers;

May we seldom falter or stumble…
And our lives filled with brightest of hours.

He Left His Love…

He left his love so sweet and pure,

There standing on the shore…
And never again would she speak the name

Of the man whom she adored.

He wandered long to see the world,

Its riches to behold…
And could not find so great a prize

As the one he’d willingly sold.

He traveled far to seek his dream

Upon the glistening waves…
And found instead the cold vast sea,

Below the empty caves.

He later returned to his dear old home,

The place where he was born…
And searched the shore for the face of one

To whom his love was sworn.

He lived the remainder of his days,

A lonely empty life…
And cried to think of the woman he’d loved

But had never made his wife.

He died alone on that very beach,

Where last he’d seen her face…
And never did he regain the love

Of the one he had left in that place.

Poor Sue Dunham

Poor Sue Dunham, crazy as a loon

Danced pure naked beneath the bright white moon.

Raised by folks on guilt and fear…
Mama crocheted and daddy was weird.

A child of sunshine and daughter of trees,

She drank from the flowers in the noon-day breeze.

Taught to obey such mindless rules…
Forced to attend the dull grey school.

Poor Sue Dunham, with bare tan knees,

Skated down a sidewalk bold and free.

Scolded for running when she should have walked…
Bored to tears by empty talk.

A child of ocean’s fresh-tossed wave,

She found bright gems to love and save.

Told to live where the air was foul…
In a corner of the earth like the devil’s bowel.

Poor Sue Dunham, a woman in years,

Refused to live by guilt and fears.

Punished by men for her spirit bright…
She slept alone in the moonlit night.

A child of love and friendship true,

She gave from the heart to him and you.

Pushed by the rules which seek to kill…
You’ll find poor Sue buried on that hill.

Source by Diana Hunter McGuerty