Emotional Healing How Brandon Bays Dissolved Her Tumour

Gary Craig, the founder of EFT once said that psychologists have been looking in the wrong place and that the key to healing lies in dissolving negative emotions. Sometimes a book just says to ‘read me’ and The Journey by Brandon Bays perfectly illustrates Gary’s point and the power of emotional healing.

The Tumour

Brandon Bays had been a natural healing practitioner in the field of alternative medicine for twelve years. She ate healthy, vegetarian food, drank pure filtered water, kept herself fit and had assisted Tony Robbins, the famous NLP and positive thinking guru on numerous workshops. Yet, in the summer of 1992, she found herself in a doctor’s surgery listening to words she couldn’t quite believe. The doctor told her that she had a tumour the size of a basketball and that it was the reason for the dramatic weight gain Brandon had been worried and embarrassed about.

The doctor told her that she would have to have the tumour removed immediately. Eventually, though sceptical, she agreed to allow Brandon one month to try and heal it with alternative methods.

Support and the first steps towards healing

Brandon surrounded herself with a few close friends and her husband Don, people she knew would support her, and decided to ‘trust the universe’ with whatever happened in the healing process. A line of unexpected, yet important events led her to a masseur named Surja with an unusual approach that supported Brandon’s belief that she would “… need to find out what past unresolved emotional memories and patterns were residing in the cells, learn whatever lessons were there, and finally resolve and release them.”

The emotional breakthrough

As Surja massaged she asked Brandon if she would like to mentally go inside the tumour and take a look. Surja’s suggestion felt like the right thing to do but Brandon was afraid. When she did go inside her uterus looked pretty scary – she wanted to go straight back out again – yet something told her that she should trust the process.

She went inside the tumour and to an area that seemed ‘particularly dark’. A memory came up and she wanted to dismiss it because she had dealt with it before. Her logical mind wanted to dismiss it. Surja suggested it may be a good idea to just see if there was something she could learn.

Brandon was surprised at the strength of her feelings. She was four years old when the event had taken place. She felt that she was at last allowing herself to feel the emotions she had allowed herself to feel at the time, as the tears rolled down her cheeks.

She then imagined a campfire which the others involved in the event sat around along with the adult and four year old Brandon. She asked her parents why they had reacted the way they did and they explained their reasons which gave Brandon a new understanding. Then, Surja asked her if she felt ‘complete’. Brandon said no, and in her mind created the campfire scene again. This time she forgave her parents. Now she felt complete.

Over the next few days Brandon worked on more memories along the same theme with the help of a few friends. She had worked on the core issues with Surja and the memories came up and the emotion in each was released, ‘like beads on a pearl necklace’. Brandon realised that the negative pattern the trauma had caused had been with her for much of her life – she saw it clearly now.

Back to the doctor

After one month Brandon returned to the doctor who informed her that the tumour was now the size of cantaloupe melon and had shrunk quite significantly in size Brandon was disappointed that the tumour was still there. The doctor wanted to know how she had shrunk the tumour but only from a medical point of view and which foods and herbs she had used – she told her she wasn’t interested in the emotional healing that had took place. Brandon was both upset by the doctor’s clinical approach and fact she thought she’d failed, left the clinic with a heavy heart.

Renewed Hope and tumour free

She phoned a friend, Skip who informed her that she was still healing and the tumour was still decreasing in size and that the doctor didn’t really know her at all – certainly not from an emotional point of view. Skip gave Brandon the number of another doctor who had a caring, more holistic approach. She was to go there in two weeks time.

Brandon put her faith in the universe again and in the fact the emotional healing was still working and shrinking the tumour. Two weeks later, Brandon walked out of the clinic with a clean bill of health. The tumour had completely gone!

Source by John Blosse