Don’t Tell Your Crush You Like Him: Confusion Psychology

This is a conundrum often faced by women. Do you tell your new crush that you like him or do you just sit tight and wait for him to approach you? Well, the truth is that you should definitely tell him, but you can’t do it directly because that just doesn’t work.

Instead of telling your ex directly, you want to do it subtly so that you implement a little bit of confusion psychology on him in order to keep him guessing and therefore interested in you. You want to give ho, the impression that you do like him, but not really to the point of being in love with him. Doing this, will yield the following benefits:

  • Put him in a state of confusion: This will ensure that you are always on his mind and the more he thinks of you, the more likely he is to start to develop strong feelings for you eventually. He’ll always be curious to know just where he stands in your heart.
  • It ensures that you don’t get embarrassed: Since no one will ever have to know that you actually had feelings for this guy, if he is unresponsive to you or if things don’t turn out well otherwise. There will be no evidence left behind that you ever had a crush on him in the first place and you can walk away without getting humiliated.
  • It prevents an awkward situation: Let’s say that he never had feelings for you in the first place, you can just continue to interact with him normally as if you never ever had feelings for him in the first place. Since he was never even sure that you ever liked him at all anyway.

How the confusion strategy works

Even though you might have a crush on someone, you should not bare your feelings out to him. The better approach is to make confused about your actual feelings for him. This will allow you to observe his reactions and responses toward you. If you see some positive responses from him, then you can gradually start to show that you like him just a little bit more. If he does not seem responsive to your feelings, then you can just pretend that nothing ever happened and you don’t lose face at all.

Furthermore, by making him confused about you, you are actually increasing the chances of him developing feelings for you because you are constantly on his mind. Keep in mind how powerful the force of habit can be. The fact that you are constantly on his mind can cause him to gradually fall in love with you.

This is not a guarantee

Sometimes despite all your efforts, you will still get rejected. Even if you are constantly present around him and in his mind, this is not a guarantee that he will fall in love with you. This is why it is very important not to outright confess your love to him because the effects can be quite emotionally devastating in case you get rejected.

By keeping your target in a state of confusion, you can condition his subconscious mind to think positively of you. This will greatly increase your chances of getting together with this individual while providing a safety net for you to fall back on and pretend that you never had feelings for him just in case you discover that he never had feelings for you in the first place.

Source by John Alex Clark