Does He Want Me Back? He Answers My Texts

I have heard many a woman think that their ex may want to get back together because he still takes her calls or answers her texts to him. This may be a hard pill to swallow but think about it. If you call him or text him what are his choices? He can ignore you which will upset you. He can be rude, which will upset you. Often they respond because it is the lesser of evils. If he upsets you, he fears you may create drama, ask questions, place blame or just cry. He will avoid this at all costs, even if it means giving you false hope.

When asking yourself does he want me back, it’s better to look at what he is doing or initiating, not in how he responds to you. If he is texting you first, he may have some regrets. Still it doesn’t mean he wants you back. It more than likely means he wants to keep you around as an option. A man who has made a mistake and realizes it will come after you full force. There won’t be any lame attempts because he now fears losing you forever.

It’s like the man that agrees to have a closure conversation with you. He agrees because he knows you will mentally torture him until you get it. He doesn’t agree because he wants to have this conversation and he doesn’t agree because he wants you back. He hopes to endure it, get it over with and move on. He knows what to expect in a closure conversation. Crying, blame placing and a lot of why did you do this if you meant that. Sad, but true.

If you are wondering does he want me back more than likely you are looking for hope. You text him to try to reconnect with him. This is not the way to reconnect with him if you want him back. He wonders why on earth you want to talk to a man who just dumped you and rightfully so, he should. Why would you want to talk to a man that told you in so many words he didn’t want you anymore. Where is your pride woman and why are you texting him in the first place.

This is tough love and it is hard to take but trust me, if a man answers your calls or texts and remains polite after breaking up with you doesn’t mean he wants to get back together. It means maybe he is just polite and still cares for you. You can care about someone and still know they aren’t the one for you. If you want him back start with getting his respect back. You won’t do this with constant contact or a closure conversation, I promise.

Source by Robin Cockrell