Does He Like Me or Not? Here Is the Process Which Will Help You Figure Out If He Likes You or Not

You like him a lot and would love it if the relationship reaches the next level, but you don’t know for sure and do not want to get embarrassed by suggesting that you two date exclusively only to find out he has no such feelings! Here are seven ways to know if he really likes you.

He initiates communication

Whether it is by phone or message or email it is he who initiates the communication. As we all know guys are not that great communicators and if he is doing it then it is good news for you as it means he is interested in you.

He is there wherever you are present

Don’t believe if he says he happened to be around when he shows up quite often where you are, be it at a party or elsewhere. He sure is interested in you and takes great effort to be around you so that you are encouraged to go on a date with him.

He has eyes only for you

There may be several beauties around but he sees only you as if others don’t exist at all. He is not swayed by the temptations around him and you find him looking in your direction long and hard, he sure is more than interested in you.

He tries to get close

He tries to touch you in a casual way, touching your arm as he is talking, putting his arm across your shoulder or letting his hand brush the imaginary hair that falls on your face. All his actions point to the fact that he likes you a lot.

He may ask you to date exclusively

He may stop dating others and want to see you exclusively. This is a big sign that he wants to be seen as a couple with you because he has strong feelings for you and he hopes you feel the same for him.

His friends know about your presence in his life

They know all about you and are courteous and polite with you when you meet them, this is because he has spoken about you a lot with them. Guys normally do not talk about their girlfriends with their friends unless they are very interested in them, so you must be one lucky girl.

He is there for you

He will never ignore your calls and will make sure he calls you if he is busy. He will be there for you whenever you are in need of help and may do little things for you to see a smile on your face.

Source by Krista Hiles