Do You Visualize Obstacles, As Challenges, Or Problems?

Everyone experiences certain great days, many average ones, and some, which may not be, as terrific as we would desire! The over – riding, reality of life, is, although, often, life is not a bowel of cherries, it’s nearly always, up – to – you, to create your finest experiences! There will always be, certain obstacles, thrust in our path, because, as Murphy’s Law, states, things will go wrong in any situation, if you give them a chance, or more commonly stated, whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Our overall happiness, and well – being, therefore, largely depends, on how we handle these. Are you prepared, to give yourself, a check – up, from the neck – up, in an introspection, objective manner? Do you see the glass, as half – full, or half – empty? When obstacles present themselves, do you perceive them, as being problematic, or, a challenge, to overcome? In other words, it’s often about the quality of your attitude, and whether, you prepare to proceed, in a positive, can – do, way, or a debilitating, negative one! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, the difference between perceiving of obstacles, as problems, or challenges, and why/ how, it matters, and differs.

1. Problem/ gloom – and – doom: Are you a, The Sky is Falling, type? When something happens, as it often does, does it debilitate you, and do you, let it control, your behavior, etc? When we focus on potential problems, we often, fail to do, in a well – considered, timely manner, what we need to, and, proceed, to procrastinate, when timely action, is needed, necessary, and wiser! Consider, how it makes you feel, when you proceed, that way. Does it, in any way, other than, perhaps, a short – term, period of denial, and delay, benefit you, in the longer – term, or relevant, and sustainable one?

2. Challenges/ positive, proactive approach: If you conceive and perceive of, every obstacle, as a challenge, you will position yourself, to become stronger, better, and more able, to adapt, to whatever, life thrusts, in your way! Think about how you feel, when you think of a challenge, instead of a problem! Do you think, our greatest athletes, let themselves be controlled by any circumstance, in any negative manner? The best ones always want to take the last shot, and embrace challenges! When Michael Jordan needed to take a shot, he visualized the ball, going through the hoop, and winning the game. The greatest golfers, always see the ball, rolling into the hole, instead of emphasizing, the risks of the hazards, and traps, in front of the green.

You can let obstacles transform to strengthening experiences, or harmful ones! It’s always up, to you!

Source by Richard Brody