Defund Police?: Catchy Rhetoric, But Flawed Solution: 5 Concerns

Largely, because of the horrific killing, by a Minneapolis policeman, which the world witnessed, because of the power of the Internet, many are calling for, what they call, defunding the police! The justified anger, and grief, combined with a few bad apples, within a variety of different police departments, to a large degree, has brought about this mindset, focus, and emphasis! They, often, point to two examples, where this was done, and replaced with a different form of public safety organization, in Compton, California, and Cambden, New Jersey. While, the systemic racism, and incidents, in these, two, relevantly – small cities, created these changes, it didn’t really, defund them, but, rather, created an alternative approach, to providing public safety. While, in a perfect world, policing might not be needed, and residents, would, join – together, for the common good, and, look after each other, unfortunately, the reality, often differs, from this ideal! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 concerns, which should be considered, and addressed.

1. Crime happens: Unfortunately, crime is a very – real, risk, and happens! There is a significant difference, between, eliminating, and revising/ changing, how police perform, behave, and are overseen! I have heard, well – educated supporters, of taking this step, provide generalities, which sound great, but, don’t answer the question, who will protect the public safety against criminals, etc.

2. How to protect property, and safety?: I fully support, and agree with the anger, frustration, and priorities, of the peaceful protestors, and, believe, we need to take true steps, and create reforms, to ensure, the atrocities, and criminal behavior, of a small percentage of officers, are seriously addressed, into the future! At the same time, the looters, and arsonists, should not be considered, protestors, but, rather, criminals, and subject, to legal penalties, etc! Likewise, any law enforcement, individual, who over – reaches his authority, or aggressively handles citizens, or risks their lives (or, even worse, takes actions, resulting in loss of life/ deaths)! If we defund them, how will property, and public safety, be protected?

3. Most policemen are good: Serving, as a policeman, is a dangerous, often – challenging, job! Most of these people are dedicated, hard – working, and responsible, and should not be, lumped – together, with the few bad – apples!

4. Instead of defunding, we need true Police Reform, a better plan, and a revisioning of training, etc.: True reform is needed, to provide, a fairer, better, safety system, which eliminates, the vast majority of the systemic racism, which, exists, too often, today! It requires a well – considered, comprehensive, Strategic Plan, and a true, Action Plan, to make this difference, for the better! To create the necessary change, we need vision, and an evolutionary, relevant, sustainable plan, and visioning, instead of a haphazard, revolutionary, impulse – oriented, one!

5. What does defunding, even, mean?: Marching with signs, articulating chants, and being, justifiably, angry, doesn’t make this process, the best way, to proceed! Aren’t we in – need – of, reforms, and a better, fairer system, and way, of conducting these essential functions, rather than, merely, defunding, them?

While it inspires some, does it really make sense, to, actually, defund the police, rather than, thoroughly, reforming it? Think about it – would you really, want to buy a home, in an area, which did not have a Police Department?

Source by Richard Brody