Clocky! – Did I Miss Something?

You purchase an ugly clock called, “Clocky”. This clock really does exist and is working wonders among those who just cannot get up in the morning. This clock seems to have a mind of its own. You have set the alarm and are hoping that it will awaken you in the morning so you need not fear getting up late and having to rush. This always makes me feel like I am trying to play catch-up all day long. Not a good feeling to have when you are trying to get a day started. One of the best ways to make sure that your day is not going to go smoothly is to get up late and play catch-up all day.

The night goes forward with you unconscious to everything around you now that you are in a deep sleep mode. Then comes the dreaded hour, the time that sleep must stop and the day must start. It is time for “CLOCKY” to get to work and do his job. He knows just what to do. The time you set for the alarm comes and He starts making really bad high pitched noises. You reach out to turn off the noise.” Clocky” rolls off the nightstand, falls to the floor, and runs around the room searching for a place to hide. He bumps into things and continues on his quest to find a hiding place. All the time he is squealing and making beeping sounds. It’s like a night-mare when you cannot find the noise that is causing you all the problems. He hides until you get up and actually find him. “Clocky” is quite the novel solution to the problem of getting up and being on time for work and/or play.

“Clocky” seems to know just what to do to make sure that sleepy people get up. This clock actually exists and makes the person who owns it get up and search for its hiding place. I know a few people who do need the benefits of an alarm clock like this. I cannot imagine them sleeping and being late with “Clocky” next to their beds. Just knowing that they will have to get up and chase Clocky around the room gives me warm thoughts.

Source by Barbara Martin

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