Video Phones- Shoot The Splendid Moments Of Life

Mobile technology is evolving rapidly with mobile manufacturers continuously going for experimentation. These days, consumers are being exposed to better and better products. For example : prolific multimedia gadgets like mini camcorders and i-pods are just flooding the market these days.

These special gadgets have become an integral part of our everyday lives. They have just charged our up lives with a new sense of zeal and energy.

You want to carry these gadgets wherever you go, be it work, holidaying or partying. Video phones belong to this special category of gadgets. You can just view your life through these splendid gadgets through features like video recording, video conferencing and video calling. Film all the twists and turns of this life with video phones. Whether its special moments of joy, those poignant moments of sorrow and pain, video phones allow you to capture it all. Capture the most special anniversary moments, the most perky moments of laughter and the most action-packed, adrenaline-soaring moments of adventure with these gizmos. With these gadgets in your hand, you are not the ones to miss any action of any kind. A must for today’s momentous life, video phones are a vital accessory for all events and occasions. Take them on excursions, official trips and parties with you. You can share your memories with special ones through MMS. Shoot the most spontaneous moments of life with these splendid gadgets. Consumers are making a beeline for these innovative gadgets to perk up their life. Indeed, mobile manufacturers have captured a consumer’s fantasy with these gizmos. Latest phones from Nokia’s N-series, Sony Ericsson all feature facilities of video recording and video playback.

You can go for these swish gadgets and really add an extra dose of verve to your life.

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Mobigo Touch – The iPhone for Kids

The Mobigo Touch comes with both a keyboard and ‘touch screen’ to control play. I just had to put together this review – I love it. Kid’s love the touch screen feature. If you are a parent with an iPhone (like me, an iPhone widow!) then you will know the interest that your children have in this sort of play. My boys played games on my iPhone and love the touch screen part on it. At last, an iPhone for kids – I am happy, I get mine back and they get their Mobigo Touch. The added bonus is that they are actually learning whilst playing. I love the way that V Tech always manage to combine the two – learning whilst having fun.

My house is full of V Tech products, I have the Kidizoom camera, V Tech Globe, V Reader and these are the toys that the kids always go back to time and time again. They really stand the test of time too – they are still working and look good even though they have been put to the test with two robust boys.

It comes with one game cartridge included but more can be purchased in the theme of all your childs favourite characters, such as, Toy Story 3, Ben Ten, Dora and many more. It learns your child spelling, numbers, solving problems and spotting the difference. It comes with different levels too, so that you can set this according to your child’s age and learning ability. The Mobigo Touch grows with them.

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Numark CDX MP3-CD Turntable Review

The Numark CDX MP3-CD Turntable is truly a revolution in turntable technology. Most DJs will agree that they love the feel of vinyl and the simplicity and convenience of CDs. With the CDX, Numark has essentially combined the best of both worlds – a turntable that uses 12-inch records as the controlling interface but still utilizes CDs. In other words, you get the feel of vinyl with the ease of CDs.

Numark CDX utilizes a high torque direct drive motor. Those of you familiar with the very popular Numark TTX will immediately recognize this motor. You can adjust the start and stop times easily, and the dual start/stop buttons on either side make it very easy to position it for different uses (i.e. in a battle or standard setting).

The CDX features an impressive key-lock function that locks in the key of the vocals or music even when the tempo is increased. You’ll find it easy to keep track of the BPM (beats per minute) with the inbuilt beatkeeper. The pitch can be controlled between +/- 6, 12, 25, and 100 ranges.

It is a breeze to swap CD discs on the Numark CDX MP3-CD Turntable with the quick-loading CD slot. Additionally, you can utilize the 3000 cue points to immediately jump to any section within the CD – a much requested and required feature among DJs. Additionaly, you can employ effects such as echo, sonar, slide, etc. by using the inbuilt DSP processor.

The Numark CDX MP3-CD Turntable has an MIDI I/O port which can be used to synchronize a drum machine or other MIDI devices. There is also an S/PDIF digital output port, and a VFD display.

The Numark CDX MP3-CD Turntable is truly one of the finest turntables around, one that any DJ – amateur or professional – would love to use.

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Stuff – Best Tech Magazine to Like-Minded Tech Fans

Stuff is the world’s best-selling gadget monthly magazine for over a decade, published by Haymarket Consumer Media. The magazine started off as a bi-monthly in the US in 1996 by Dennis Publishing and the focus shifted to being more lifestyle orientated in 1998; the same year that rival publishing group Haymarket Consumer Media bought the title in the UK. Haymarket Consumer Media also took over ownership of Stuff magazine in 25 other territories, such as: Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Middle East, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam. It has a global circulation of 1.36 million copies.

Stuff is a men’s magazine carrying reviews on various consumer electronics, and previews of possible future technology. With a Stuff magazine subscription, you can take an alternate look at the planet’s best gadgets, tech and apps. The magazine is all about the pure, unfiltered joy of tech and gadgets. It provides a monthly project that helps you get more from your already existing gadgets, including learning new skills, tricks, and hacks to bring your level up to a new standard, and breathe new life into old kit.

The magazine investigates and uncovers new trends in tech. Some of the past episodes included the championing of 3D printing, the Internet of Things, and going behind the scenes with Vine – 6-second video app and its makers to discover how it conquered the world of social media. Stuff is first to tread where no other technology magazines think to tread. Whether you are an Apple or Android fan; the magazine caters to everyone. By being global and having 25 editions with 1.36 millions readers, it has definitely come to be known as the best technology magazine to like-minded tech fans every month.

The magazine produces the world-famous Stuff magazine Top 10s, and ranks everything including latest phones, computers, tablets, games, apps, TVs, home cinema, hi-fi, headphones, cameras, consoles, media players, sat-nav, etc,. So whatever you decide to get in the tech world, be sure to first check the latest issue of the magazine to get acquainted with all the info you will need to get the best gadgets.

Haymarket has always been trying to spice up the magazine for its readers and recently unveiled a new look for the magazine in 2013. The aim is to continue providing a premium monthly magazine that is more relevant in an ever changing media landscape, in competition with other abundant free technology news and features. The editor of the magazine is Will Findlater.

Redesigning the magazine every few years is sometimes necessary; especially now since apps and OS updates have become pivotal in technology enthusiasts’ lives. Therefore, the magazine needs to revamp itself and find better ways of integrating latest news and features that tech fans are wanting to read about. However, Stuff magazine is not all about gadgets; cars, robots, sport, toys, watches, music, films, fashion, and funky furniture also don several pages of the magazine.

The team also created templates that work on the iPad and other mobile devices. This enables the magazine to go into the digital platform and reach more interested readers. A Stuff digital subscription will give you access to all that you expect from the print version of the magazine. The team has maintained Stuff’s distinctive character, by keeping its accessibility and with that has been a big part of the brand’s success to this point. So grab a copy of the Stuff digital magazine and enjoy every aspect of the latest in tech news from around the world.

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Apple iPhone Parts

If like many iPhone users, you’ve discovered that malfunctioning Apple iPhone parts can be a real chore. The decision whether to send an iPhone off to an authorized service center, or simply buy a new one, can put the wallet somewhere between a rock and a hard place. Even if it is cheaper to repair, it might not make any sense to continue with a semi-damaged phone in lieu of a new one for the price. Instead of getting down, it’s best to get an idea of what some of the other options are. By finding other users selling broken or damaged iPhones, or even just Apple iPhone parts, it can be easier than you think to fix a broken iPhone- and certainly more economical. Today, Apple iPhone parts are available for low prices, for both the 1st Generation iPhone and the new iPhone 3G model. The same applies to iPods, and other pesky electronic devices. With fairly simple replacement procedures, the average iPhone user should consider a parts replacement before plunking down last month’s paycheck for a new product.

Some of the most common problems to face iPhone users are that the LCD screen is of poor condition, rendering the iPhone unusable, that the iPhone has become water damaged, that the battery will not charge or hold charge, that the iPhone has a broken or cracked screen, and that the iPhone won’t power on. Instead of tossing the phone out, especially for broken or cracked screens or faulty batteries, make an easy and cheap replacement with used or wholesale Apple iPhone parts. Maybe a repair is covered by a warranty, or maybe not. Regardless, keep all your options open when it comes to electronics repairs. With easy online how-to tutorials and extremely affordable replacement Apple iPhone parts, there’s never any need to panic when accidents happen. A phone wouldn’t be practical if we could never take it anywhere with us. Our lives demand going to work, the gym, socializing, sporting events, conferences, on business trips and much, much, more. Even with the somewhat fragile nature of the iPhone, there’s no need to fear knowing it is possible to get Apple iPhone parts without breaking the bank.

On the other end of the issue? Have a broken iPhone that you just can’t seem to get rid of? Why not try selling it for parts. Apple iPhone parts are increasingly in demand, and it could be a great way to get a little cash advanced on your next technological purchase, whether it be an iPhone or not. If not up to the challenge of disarming an old iPhone, try using a company or service that buys old, used, broken and damaged electronic goods. Most of these companies can be found online, will surely buy used Apple iPhone parts, and will trade you for cash. With little to no effort it is entirely possible for some good to come out of an iPhone that has been the best thing you’ve ever owned or the bane of your existence- but for whatever reason has ceased to function.

Whatever you decide to do with an used, old, broken or damaged iPhone, get online to research how people everywhere are benefitting from buying and selling Apple iPhone parts today!

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What to Expect When You Go Shopping for a Mini Refrigerator?

If you live in a small house, need a bit of extra refrigeration, or you want a refrigerator that is easy to move, then a compact mini refrigerator will perfectly suit your needs. Whether you are a homeowner, office worker or a student, if you want to chill or store items in a confined space, then you will find a myriad of mini fridges from various manufacturers on the market.

Since there are so many choices available on the market, finding a suitable mini fridge won’t be an easy task. Once you have made the decision that you want to buy a mini-sized refrigerator, you will have to scour through all the available choices in order find the refrigerator that will suit your needs.

Once you begin your search for a mini refrigerator you will come across numerous options. These refrigerators are actually available in various sizes. About 1.7 cu ft is the smallest size that these refrigerators come in while they can have a size up to 3.5 cu ft. No doubt, you can store a lot more items in the larger mini-sized refrigerators, but they will also consume more energy, will occupy more space and will not be portable enough. The basic appeal of these refrigerators is that they are compact sized, which makes them quite handy.

Usually, there is a removable wire shelf in the smallest sized mini refrigerators. On the other hand, these refrigerators with a size more than cu ft have two removable wire shelves in them, which divide the interior compartment in two. Door store is common in these refrigerators of all sizes. 2 liter bottles can be conveniently stored within these refrigerators with a size of 1.7 cu ft and above.

In some mini refrigerator models from certain manufacturers, a freezer compartment is also included for extra storage. These refrigerators with a freezer compartment are ideal for all those who want a refrigerator for storing ice, since half of the refrigerator’s width is occupied by the freezer compartment. There are many similar models that offer additional storage in the chiller section because they have no freezer compartment.

The doors in mini refrigerators are always reversible regardless of the model or manufacturer you choose. You will be able to position a mini-sized refrigerator almost anywhere since they always have two or more leveling feet. These refrigerators are available either with a manual thermostatic dial control, or they have a manual dial with cycle or auto-defrost facility. These refrigerators with the auto features are generally more expensive.

In the refrigerators from some manufacturers, the door compartment of the refrigerator is equipped with beverage can dispensers. This way, beverage cans to do not have to be packed inside the compartment but can be stored in the dispenser instead.

As mentioned, you will find many different mini-sized refrigerators from manufacturers such as Avanti, Danby and Haier. Excellent ranges of these refrigerators are also offered by manufacturers like Igloo, LG and Sanyo. So, if you are ready to go shopping for a mini refrigerator, this is what you can expect,these are the choices you can expect to find.

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What Gift Are You Getting for Your Loved One?

There’s an old saying that talks about how the giver of the gift has more pleasure than the receiver! This statement is especially true when it comes to purchasing a gift for a loved one. The thought and pleasure that comes with planning the purchase and making the actual gifting will surely make you happy. And when you see the surprise and joy in your loved one’s face, the happiness is multi-fold. Now that you’ve decided to get gifts, what can you buy? Here are some interesting gift suggestions for him and her!

Gifts for Her


Jewellery is a great gift for women. If you have a large budget, you can go for gold, silver or platinum ornaments. You can even get a diamond ring or a pendant, if you have money to splurge. For a slightly smaller budget, sterling silver or imitation jewellery will be a good option. You can get chain, necklace, earring, bangle, bracelet, anklet, ring or a watch.


Say it all with flowers. You don’t need an occasion to send flowers. Send her a bouquet of her favourite flowers and brighten up her day.


Most women love chocolates, so you can get a box full of the best chocolates and gift her. They’re great for any situation, especially if you’re trying to patch up after an argument.


You may wonder if gifting gadgets for women is a good choice. Yes, a lot of women are techies and gadget gizmos. So, if your loved one is one such person, a stylish upgraded mobile phone, music player, or any other electronic will be a great option.

Leather Items

Leather items like bags, wallets and purses also make great gifts for the special woman in your life. You can get these personalised gifts for any occasion.

Gifts for Him

There are many interesting options you can think of if you are looking for gifts for him. Some gift ideas for the special guy in your life are:


It’s a known fact most men love gadgets, the newer the better. From the laptop to their mobile phone, and even headphones and Bluetooth speakers, they want to have the most advanced model. So, get a gadget that he’s always been talking about.

Wallets and Card Holders

You can gift him wallets made of leather or card holders made of leather/metal. There are many online stores that offer these personalised gifts for men. When you purchase the wallet, you can have his name engraved on the wallet for a personal touch.


While a lot of men are not into jewellery, they will surely love a good watch. You can get him one of those rugged sporty watches he will love to show off.


If all other ideas fail, you can always get him a formal shirt or a trendy t-shirt. You can also go for a personalized t-shirt with some quote or picture printed on it.

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Apple iPhones – Future Design Trends

Apple Inc. created a revolution of sorts in 2007 when it unveiled the original iPhone in 2007! Technology had the world in its firm grip like never before and every bit of information about gadgets was lapped up by a global audience hungry for more. In an instant sweep, the iPhone nearly made obsolete every other smartphone and had competitors scrambling to bring in innovations in their own products. The iPhone 3G and 3GS mainstream mobile prices dropped and the iPhone 4 and 4s brought Retina and Siri to us. Apple later brought in a faster and taller smartphone, the iPhone 5; the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s put the future in our hands literally! The iPhone 6 series was fitted with new hardware and introduced a newer, more sensitive way of smartphone interaction with 3D touch.

Apple’s goal of gaining monopoly over the mobile phone and smartphone market has been achieved, although with a few pitfalls and some corporate battles involving patents and designs with competitors. But the sheer symmetry and functionality of an iPhone is unmatched and the millions of happy users testify to this undisputed fact. With every new design and improved versatility and performance, Apple is making more people buy phones faster. An iPhone as a first mobile instrument is a proud achievement for thousands globally.

In recent news, Apple is unlikely to make any major changes in design for its next iPhone product. Corporate announcement had it that the tech giant is breaking away from the pattern of overhauling the iPhone design every two years; only subtle changes are in store for the fall release of its latest model. Confirmed reports from analysts say that the new phones will keep the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch displays, a throwback to the larger-display models introduced by the company in 2014.

The iPhones have not been without their share of controversy and downside. The 16GB capacity of the iPhones have come in for a lot of criticism from users who feel it’s nothing short of a scam as nearly 7GB is taken up for software and apps. Not allowing users to delete custom apps didn’t help Apple’s image either. Looks like the company has noted the feedback from loyal customers and is abandoning the smaller capacity devices; the upcoming iPhone 7 range will begin with 32GB storage levels.

The lack of storage has been the single most grouse of customers and Apple is ensuring that this issue is addressed at the earliest. In all probability it is highly likely that the Apple iOS software will outgrow 16 GB and hence producing phones with this capacity will not enhance the Apple corporate brand and image. In all probability the 64GB option will also be shelved and future devices may offer 128GB or even 256GB! This fact makes a lot of sense in the light of the fact that the company is considering buying high-capacity flash for its iPad Pro.

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Review for Delta Porter Cable Table Saw Shootout – Craftsman 22839

If you have been looking around in the shops and searching for the right saw for yourself then you will see that it will be a hard choice to make, as you will have a variety of prices to choose and select from. In this article and review below then we will able to focus on saws, which are not very expensive. Many people call these saws the contractor’s saw. With these types of saws you will see that they are the perfect saw for the common household, as you will see that the affordable prices and the good quality features just make it even better.

Craftsman 22839

If you are looking to search for a great table saw then you should make sure that you try out the new Craftsman 22839 and you will see that it will surprise you and also maybe it might even amaze you. However, you should make sure that you read the rest of the article which you can use to your own advantage.

When I personally, purchase it I saw that the fence rails were not there and I thought the rails were missing. However, I found out that the rails had two pieces each. However, the pieces are very good and they fit together very easily.

Useful information

  • The price is around $500.
  • The warranty is for 1 year.
  • Blade is 64 tooth steel tipped.
  • The blade tilt is on the left.

The motor is very powerful on the saw and is comparable to the Milwaukee saw.


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Buy Infinix Phones Online – Option Is Buying Something Affordable and Classy Is Here

Infinix mobiles phones are Android based mobiles that have entered into the smartphone market in the year 2013. They are an ideal choice for the low budget phones cost quite cost-effective. Yet, they have features with some of the finest smartphones online. The hot product of the Infinix mobile phones is the Infinix Note 4 and the Infinix Smart 2 that are launched online exclusively on Tigmoo. These handsets are low-cost mobile phones that have outstanding features such as an efficient processor, wonderful storage memory, camera many more.

Infinix is a manufacturer of smartphone belongs to Hong-Kong. The company was founded in the year and quickly become popular in few years. At present, everyone wishes to have a smartphone. However, there are lots of choices available to select. Here is one unbelievable smartphone that is definite to kill its competitors. You can Buy Infinix Phones Online available at discounted price.

The Infinix Note 5: It is nothing but, “Beyond Intelligent”. Its inspirational design with a smooth and elegant glass finish provides it a fluidic edge and even mirror effect. This Infinix Note 5 smartphone displays sophistication and style, giving it a grand and relaxed in-hand feel.

Infinix Hot 5 is referred to a fifth generation providing in the Hot series of reasonably priced smartphones. The device is having a fingerprint scanner, powerful battery, and Android 7.0 (Nougat). Infinix Hot 5 is extremely successful after the Infinix Hot 4.

Infinix Note 4 Pro

Infinix Hot 4 Pro was first entered into the market in August 2017. The handset is available with a 5.50-inch touchscreen show and having a promise of 720 pixels to 1280 pixels. As far as price is concerned, the price remains around Rs. 6,999.

The Infinix Hot 4 Pro is power-driven by 1.3GHz quad-core mainframe. It comes with 3GB of RAM. The mobile phone is available with 16GB of an internal storeroom that can be extended up to 128GB through microSD. When we talk about the features of the cameras are concerned, the mobile phone is packed with a 13-megapixel main camera on the back. An It also has the 5-megapixel front revolver for selfies.

Smart 2

If you are looking for a smartphone that is compact, robust and promises to have an immersive viewing experience, then it is better to shop for Smart 2 from Infinix. It is a wonderful option to consider. The features include an HD+ Resolution screen that includes minimum bezels, a dominant a 13 MP Rear Camera and 8 MP Selfie Camera and so that you can confine your memories in best quality as per your choice.

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