Benefits of Being Tall – Are You Missing the Fun of Life Because of Your Height?

There are many benefits of being tall. Being tall adds to the things you are able to do in life, and makes it easier to do some things better.

Being of good stature makes it easier to reach things off of shelves better, to put things in their place better, and to not have to ask others for help in these areas. Sometimes it’s hard for a man to have to ask someone to reach something for him, when a tall man can reach it for himself.

Many times a man likes to date a woman shorter than he is, and a woman likes to date a man taller than she is. Being a tall man makes it easier to find a shorter woman. Sometimes a woman feels “safer” in the arms of a taller man, like nothing can hurt her when he is holding her.

There are many jobs where being tall is an advantage, even if it is just for occasional situations. If you are a boss or in any position of power or control at work, sometimes it helps if you are tall in stature, this can help others to see you as someone to, literally, look up to.

There are many sports where being tall is an advantage. Basketball especially is a sport where being tall is an advantage. Usually track and cross country are sports where long legs give you an advantage. Volleyball and a host of other sports seem, in general, to be played best by taller players.

Being a tall man, in general, can give one more self-confidence, and give a man more confidence in trying new things.

A tall man, in general, gives an impression of being in control and able to do things better than a shorter man.

Source by Tapan Sarkar