Be Vigilant and Observant in What and Who You Attract

***Attraction is a funny thing.- Sometimes our energy attracts people, places and events that are not healthy, or have very distorted views of attracting attention or for earning a living. Living in abundance should be done with vigilance, persistence and be careful who and what you attract. Yes, act and attract like who or what you want to attract and hopefully and more often than not, those people and things will come back to you. Life gives us so many miles of unwanted circumstances or trials and reason for caution. Look at the warning signs on the wall, if someone is too eager or anxious and rushes you into making decisions for their own selfish benefit, with no promise of return on your time or investment, don’t proceed,though don’t be a hermit. Be a hero and continue to pursue and or attract what brings you the most peace and rewards your accomplishments- that’s what shows appreciation and respect for what you gave and released- it will come back to you!

Living in abundance is not as difficult as it seems. More than anything it is how you utilize what is already within your own hands or within your own reach. There are so many things by where you can view an opportunity, or a means to earn a living.

Begin to contemplate what drives you to do things, look at and take stock of your current and past actions, versus your past successes and accomplishments. Use examples of daily deeds that require your natural skills, begin using those skills to create work opportunities- you aren’t really working because you are naturally,highly skilled, and perform with passion.

Anytime you enjoy doing what you do is not really akin working at all. If pursuing or doing your passion is effortless and earns you a living, then you are not really doing a job so much as sharing your efforts with others. Enjoy utilizing what is already within you. When work is joy, it’s no longer work, it’s fun!

Whether you have a knack for organizing or a gift for designing, decorating, or you are a winning motivator, share your expression with others. If you enjoy reading and writing you can be blessed to do research. You’ll find it liberating,motivating and also quite engaging.

Engage in what feeds, ingratiates and nourishes your mind. That’s how you learn to be in alignment with your life purpose. Find your living purpose, while still breathing and productively alive on planet Earth. There are so many examples of how following your calling and performing,or doing the habit you enjoy is no longer classified as a skill, job or profession, it’s more of a craft. If what you enjoy sharing or expressing presents you with the opportunity to fulfill your life purpose with ease, then in my assessment, you now have an obligation to teach and share your wisdom with others. Winning your life battles means helping others win their battles too, with the same force,tenacity and drive that you achieved for yourself!

Focused effort,accomplished in clarity and done daily is an amazing work ethic. You can achieve anything and everything that your heart desires by believing that what you do daily is important. Really bringing your heart, head and thoughts in alignment with what brings you peace, release, comfort and internal joy. Pleasing your heart is a smart way to live. Learn to lean more on your heart than on your thoughts and mind.

Knowing how to be in balance with your internal compass is a tremendous achievement. Being heart smart is more than just what you imbibe or digest. Showing importance in what you breathe, in who you engage, and in where you receive counsel is also being heart smart. Be the biggest consultant to yourself, before you allow the advice, input or opinion of anyone else to penetrate your heart. People, other than yourself, need to appreciate you and offer words of kindness, respect and encouragement. If they have self-value, they will readily give and acknowledge the -value of others. There are a lot of deceptive people that prey on the benevolent nature of the people that they meet. They may seek to attain your place in society by theft, exploitation or by their mere high-powered aggrandizement known as insanity. Just because somebody can afford to pay for their forum does not mean that they are legit and operate their business in a lawful and respectful way.

There are more criminals doing radio talks shows or people that claim to work-from-home, though they have extensive international criminal tentacles based hidden fraud and deceit. Not all blogs are for the benefit of the reader. Be careful where you click, download,or on the sites that you use, peruse or solicit for assistance. Some are disguised, or are unknown or appear to be new, though they are the same bad sites or businesses operating again and again in disguise to you. A lot of sites have blogs with content that was ripped-off rehashed or illegally re-routed. They do this to earn a living, a low-life loser that didn’t want to legally and properly pay a writer, or that couldn’t write anything of value by himself.

Be vigilant and aware that you are setting intentions and attracting energy everyday. Be extremely vigilant in who and what you attract. Question, investigate and report people or events that bring you disdain or who disrespect your work, time, effort, reputation or name.

***I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune