Be Prepared Even Before the Flood Comes

Each year, about 40% to 50% of natural calamities that happens all over the world is caused by floods. Just like earthquakes, floods take away thousands of lives due to the heavy waters, and can even wash away buildings, cars and trucks, and trees are even uprooted. It is apparent just how dangerous a flood can be. This is why disaster preparation is important to be able to survive a life-taking flood.

If you think that your location or the area where you live is prone to floods like houses located near streams or rivers, as well as those on the lower area of a slope and those with canals that are frequently blocked or clogged with garbage. One good tip to avoid experiencing floods would be to live where none of these are present like in higher places, a good drainage system and so on.

Houses located near rivers and dams, as well as those areas that have a poor drainage system and absence of trees are sure to have floods. In a situation like this, it really is important to have some disaster gear on the ready. This should include those flood essentials such as a life vest or a life jacket. Even if the water is still around the level of your ankle or knees, wear it ahead of time because water can increase at a rapid pace. It may be too late if you wear the life vest when the water is too high already.

You also have to prepare clothes that can resist the cold of the rain and the flood. Prepare jackets that can fight off the cold and has good ventilation. Pants or sweats, gloves, caps are also important. Towels are also important to dry yourself off. Protect your feet with boots to keep your feet dry in case you have open wounds that can be a possible entry for infectious organisms.

You also need some food in case you are stuck at the highest peak of your house because help hasn’t arrived yet. Pack food that is good for 3 days to a week just in case it will take longer for you to be rescued. Water is also important so don’t forget to store bottles of water, as well as foods that are not easily can last for a good number of days like crackers, canned goods and the like. A flood can quickly flush away your life if you are not prepared so make sure that you buy disaster gear beforehand so that you have everything on the ready when the flood strikes.

Source by Jackson Vanderson