Are You Sick of Being Dumped Because You Are Insecure and Jealous?

Did your boyfriend dump you because you would not leave him alone? Did you drive him crazy with questions about where and whom he was with?

This is a guaranteed way to lose a relationship. When one partner is insecure and jealous the whole thing is in jeopardy. Being hassled all the time about your every move would drive a wedge between even the most loving partners.

It all came to a head when your boyfriend went to a game with his friends and you accused him of being with another girl. He was over it and told you so. So now you are alone crying without the guy you thought you loved. What a mess. Did you not see the warning signs? How annoyed he was every time you showed how insecure you were. He thought he had met a great girl as he told you but he did not sign on for all your emotional baggage.

For now leave him alone as you have a lot of work to do on yourself. Your boyfriend was an easygoing guy with a lot of friends who loved you but you tried to change him. You wanted him to be with you twenty-four hours a day and have no life of his own. No offence but he was not your prisoner just your partner. You needed to trust him and let him have his space.

So why have you become so insecure and jealous? We need to look at your last relationships first and maybe we will find a cheating or controlling boyfriend. You may have thought they were your soul mate till the day you caught him cheating with another woman. The problem is how it affected you. Instead of knowing this guy was a jerk you projected all the negativity onto yourself. You swore you would never let it happen again so when you got with your now ex boyfriend you would not let him out of your sight. This resulted in you feeling anxious all the time and accusing him of doing the same as that other guy had. You did not give your ex a chance as you decided he would cheat and made it your ritual to make sure it did not happen again.

What a way to live. I can see you checking up on the poor guys every move like some kind of super sleuth waiting to catch him out. Instead he got sick of it and dumped you. Who could blame him he probably thought you were starting to act like some kind of stalker.

Just because one bad thing happens you cannot carry it with you into every relationship. You need to resolve it and leave it at the door. Unless you have a habit of picking serial cheaters which I doubt very much chances are you met a good one this time. The only way you will get him back is to prove you have changed. You may need counseling if you are not able to do it on your own as some wounds cut really deep. It could be stuff from your childhood even as dad may have cheated on your mom so you think all guys do this. Get the help you need and do not let other peoples attitudes ruin your chance of a good relationship. I would think you are exhausted by now anyway. It is no fun to have to check up on your boyfriend all the time.

So whether it be with counseling or on your own get a handle on these insecurities and jealousy. If you think you have then getting back with this guy is going to take some work. But it can be done. If you have followed my advice and not hassled him while you did your own personal rebuilding then he would have noticed it. The next thing to do is to get out with friends and have fun times. Make sure you are looking really good as you want him to appreciate what he saw the first time he asked you out. Do not show any signs of sadness or depression, as he will think you are still the same.

You have freaked this guy out so getting him back will not be easy. You could contact him and tell him you are sorry you put him through all that insecurity and that you know he is a good guy. Then leave him alone again. Time will heal and if he sees you out looking good and being confident you may be in with a chance. Next time let the poor guy breathe. If you get back with him and feel those old insecurities rising up again take some deep breaths and remember that is in the past.

Source by Linda E Cole