Anniversary Gifts for Her: To Celebrate 2 Months of Dating

You have been dating for almost 2 months now and the feeling is wonderful, isn’t it? To show your girlfriend how much you enjoy her company, some 2nd month anniversary gifts for her would be a great idea. These presents should not be too extravagant or they would give the wrong signal.

Girls love it when their boyfriends go to the trouble of doing something for them. Take some time out to learn how to make origami roses from lessons easily available online. On your second month anniversary make a dozen or so roses, stick them onto a heart shaped board and present her with this and take her breath away.

Every girl loves chocolate and you should get her some customized ones. Gift her a box of chocolates, preferably each one shaped as a heart or a rose. Have “I love you” and her name spelt out on each of the chocolates and have them delivered to her with the day’s newspaper.

Women love romantic gestures. Buy as many glow-in-the-dark stars as you need and stick them up on the ceiling above the bed. When the lights are turned off at night, they will spell out a message like “I love you” or “Happy Anniversary” or some sweet nothings that you both share.

If your girlfriend has a pet she adores, then buy a gift for both her and the pet. You could buy a cat collar and matching bracelet. Or little wind chimes for the pet parrot and a matching one for her living room.

On your next free day, organize a professional photo shoot for both of you. This way you both will have formal and as well as fun portraits of the two of you. She will thoroughly enjoy spending the time with you and which young lady does not love being photographed.

Take your girl along and plant a small tree at a favorite spot, it could even be at the corner of your front yard. For each milestone in your relationship, go to this spot together, pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate your love together. It will be the beginning of a tradition.

Women appreciate gifts that have been thoughtfully planned and if they are handmade, they are all the more loved. Gift her a jewelry box designed with unusual marquetry designs like ‘Gardenia’ and watch her beam with happiness.

Make love coupons for your girlfriend, each one will have to be one activity that she loves to do. She can redeem them any time she wants and you will have to indulge her no matter what. These can be a romantic walk on the beach, a simple takeaway dinner and mushy movie, a foot or back massage and the like.

Every milestone in your relationship is a step forward. Making it a tradition to acknowledge these momentous days is a great idea. And thoughtful gift can make it all the more wonderful.

Source by Ruth Dsouza Prabhu