All I Ever Wanted Was For Him To Love Me

You are struggling with your current relationship. You discovered an affair. Many negative feelings of betrayal, sadness and disappointed haunted your heart. It makes your soul broken as this person was very special in your life.

That type of events are damaging especially for women. They tend to be very emotional and sensitive to hurt. Dramatic events like this may shut down your heart for future potential relationships. It helps you to avoid more pain and more drama in your life.

I understand that you have enough of those sob stories…

Unfortunately, those events of affair create strong fear of intimacy. You are unable to connect with another human being. The only way to solve it is to address your past issue and erase it from your heart. If you are curious how to do it, I encourage you to keep reading.

Anytime you decide to start sharing your life with a new partner, you take a risk of emotional trauma. There is always a possibility him to have an affair and leave you with the broken heart. You can’t believe that he did it. This shock produces more anger, sadness, and betrayal.

You remember those negative memories and toxic emotions. They are eating your heart inside out as they stay in the subconscious mind. So long you keep sad memories, it will stay with you. It will block you from creating a healthy relationship.

You may decide to enter into a new relationship by all means. What would it happen you may ask?

Well, your new partner will trigger your old wounds from the past. You will relive negative emotions and past, traumatic life story. It will affect your present life with this new man. It won’t make it easy but only worse and worse over time.

You may remind the hurtful story within yourself. So you will likely to withdraw from active participation in your current relationship. Emotional pain is heartbreaking and hurtful so that you want to escape as fast as it is possible. You suffered before and now you are afraid of intimacy with your new partner.

It is impossible to have a fulfilled and healthy relationship in this scenario.

Only if you take a challenge and erase the past pain from your heart, you can succeed. Old negative memories of betrayal and emotional hurt are useless to hold it. It is better to clear your heart and make a new space for something better.

Delete your past. Is it even possible to do it you may ask?

There is a releasing technique which makes this possible. It helps to address painful memories, beliefs, and negative emotions. They are all toxic and parasitic so through this modality, you can get rid of them from your mind permanently.

Those “problems” live in the subconscious mind. They can survive only through following lies which persuade a human to believe that it is good to keep it.

The biggest lie is that memories teach us something important. It helps to avoid problematic issues in the future time.

Imagine: have you ever got hit by a school bus? Many of you may answer: no. This memory doesn’t exist, you never experienced this situation in your life. But you don’t wish to ever happen to you, do you?

What if you experienced an affair in your relationship? There are many issues you stored in your subconscious mind. This makes you feel enslaved. Then, it is good to erase it. Then, you will restart your mind and make it more space for a new, healthy and happy relationship.

Source by Iga Wisniewska