A Review of the Braun Series 7-7900 CC Pulsonic Shaver

If you are a man who shaves, you are looking for a shaver that can provide a time efficient, yet close and clean shave. The New Braun Series 7-790 CC Pulsonic Shaver offers it users the chance to have just that. Braun has been a well recognized name in the world of shaving, and the series 7 is another hit.

As a matter of fact this new series has been getting plenty of raving reviews on its quality to the effectiveness to provide a clean shave. Some of the reviews state that this razor provides the same quality shave as a wet razor does. This says a lot about a company that has been in business for over 80 years.

This new 7 series shaver provides for a closer shave without pulling or tugging at the hairs. The razor can even cut those hairs that seem to just lie down, as well as the ones that grow in every direction. All of this is accomplished in four different ways.

The first is the pulsonic action of the razor. This pulsonic action has the capacity to provide around 10,000 micro vibrations per minute quickly exposing more hair that needs to be cut. The second is the Gillette Blade Technology. Men have been using Gillete blades since the beginning of time. It’s only right to include this technology into a razor that is meant to be an upgrade. The last two are the power comb and the foil technology. Both of these technologies together assist in getting those stubborn hairs that typically get missed while using a traditional razor.

In addition to above the Braun Series 7 is energy efficient and has a built in cleaning technology called the Clean & Renew System. This cleaning system allows the razor to cleaned, charged, lubricated, and dried at the touch of a single button. This is good for those of you that are on the go a lot and need a simpler way to get things done.

If you are looking for a well rounded shaver to take care of your face, then getting a Braun Series 7 could be the answer you seek

Source by Dennis C Reynolds

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