5 Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Boyfriend

“Why Can’t I Get a Boyfriend?” – 5 Ways to Get One Today!

Most girls want a boyfriend at an early age and, unfortunately, a good amount of girls are left asking, “Why can’t I get a boyfriend?” Whether your 14 or 40, the art of getting a boyfriend is pretty much the same. If you’ve desperately been asking yourself, “Why can’t I get boyfriend?” there is a good chance that you’re doing something wrong – which can easily be fixed with a little effort!

Take a look at the best ways to get a boyfriend and put them to use today:

#1 Stop Being Needy

It’s likely that you are doing something wrong if you’re wondering why you can’t get a boyfriend. The number one things that makes a guy stay away from a girl is if she shows signs of being needy. Take your foot of the gas and let guys pursue you. Don’t bombard him with texts, emails and voicemails the day after the first date. Let him contact you first. If he doesn’t, it surely wasn’t meant to be.

#2 Try Going for a Good Guy – Not the Bad Guy

Why is that girls and women alike always tend to make it a habit to go for the bad guys? If you are looking for a boyfriend, the last thing you want is a guy that’s going to lie, cheat, etc. The only thing a bad guy will do to you is leave you heartbroken while questioning your self-worth and confidence.

#3 Get in the Game!

Have you been asking your friends and family, “Why can’t I get a boyfriend?” One of the most important aspects of getting a boyfriend lies in getting into the game. In other words, your future boyfriend isn’t going to show up on your doorstep on a Friday night. You’ve got to get in different social circles and let guys know you exist. The worst thing you can do when it comes to getting a boyfriend is keep yourself from going out because you’re afraid of rejection.

#4 Would You Consider Yourself High-Maintenance?

Has anyone ever classified you as high maintenance? If so, this could be the number one reason that you can’t get a boyfriend! High maintenance girls are known for keeping guys at bay. A high maintenance girl is one who always creates drama in her relationship or potential relationship.

“You didn’t say hi to me when you walked in.” “Why didn’t you call me when you got home last night?” “Why did you talk to that girl instead of me?” No guy wants to be nagged like this in a relationship. Guys will walk away and find another girl that doesn’t nag in a split second!

#5 Are You Scared?

If you’ve asked, “Why can’t I get a boyfriend,” has it ever crossed your mind that you might actually be scared of getting a boyfriend? It’s easy to say you “want” a relationship, but actually going out and getting one is a whole different thing. It’s important to figure out what about getting a boyfriend scares you the most and find a solution to alleviate that fear. Anything worthwhile involves risk. You’ve got to be willing to get out there and get rejected a few times and maybe even have your heartbroken once of twice. It’s a part of life and the effort that’s required to ultimately find that one person you want to spend the rest of your life with!

Source by Merryl Dixon