4 Reasons Why Men Go Astray – Dating Guide For Women

More often in the world of relationships, it is the men who cheat, rather than the fairer sex. Due to several factors, men are much more likely to cheat than women, and prevention is better than cure. Sometimes when he begins cheating, there will be no “cure”. So take actions quickly to prevent cheating from ever happening.

Men can find excuses to cheat if they like, so examine the different factors that may lead them to cheat. The most common excuse is lack of understanding, or rather communication. It seems that the “other woman” always communicate better. They know how to encourage and show support more than the wife or the current girlfriend. Perhaps the woman should try to understand the man’s point of view in any argument. In any argument, seek to understand, not to win. The voice must not raised, just speak softly what you feel. Even if he raises his voice, speak softly; he may realise how gentle and gracious you are. Understanding each other leads to a stronger bond, and if the bond is cherished, the man will never cheat on her. Remember men will prefer “gentle” over “strong” every time.

In most cases, men are more confident than women. Sometimes that confidence grows too much that he believe he ca have more than one woman. The law does not prohibit him form having 2 girlfriends either. This will be especially likely if he is financially sound or even rich. Being rich has 2 effects: The first is he will develop great confidence. The second is that girls will flock to him. Since ancient times, women have been looking for rich men to marry.

Sex life is another factor to consider. When a man find that he does not have sex as frequently as he likes, his mind to wander and look for other girls to have sex with. It is not the “quality” of sex that matters; it’s the frequency that he is concerned with. So do not reject the requests too much times. But do remember it’s a mutual pleasure, so if you really do not feel like it, voice it out and let him understand. Explanation works much better than excuses.

The last factor would be one that can be best described as “herd mentality”. Perhaps one of his friends is double-timing and he tells your man how fun, exciting it is and how much he is enjoying himself. Bad company is one of the reasons many men do bad. This is a sort of situation you can help, for men are very loyal to their friends and your disapproval of his friend will be met with anger.

The best way to avoid all these is to understand each other well. When love is very strong, he will only have you, and cheating will not be found in his dictionary.

Source by Sandra Christian