10 Truths You Will Understand If You Have an Elder Sister


If you have an elder sister at home, you will have a hell lot of differences in the way things are handled at home. You might have had trivial fights on small issues that your parents often find difficult to digest. If you look back at those fights, it would bring some smiles on your face. The memories may fade away with time. But the love you share will only grow in the same period through these small squabbles, you would have developed a long-term and strong bond with your elder sibling that fail to fade away with time.

Memorable Experiences with Elder Sibling

Here are some of the craziest experiences every sibling who has an elder sister would have probably had at home, giving periods of unrest at home to the parents.

  1. You will always be the guinea pig to appease your elder sister. She will try things on you different things like makeup, dresses, hair, etc.
  2. Anything and everything will be used as a weapon of war during the moments of contention. These could have been precipitated on trivial matters.
  3. Fights over trivial matters such as the grabbing of remote, pulling of the legs, punches, hair-pulling would have taken place. All these things were done to prove one-up-man-ship. Ultimately someone has to cry in the house.
  4. You will be the student of her makeshift classroom. In this game, she plays the teacher and picks up the cane to beat you one pretext or the other to make you cry.
  5. You will always be the Assistant to her weird experiments that she undertakes at home with or without the knowledge of your parents. It could be cooking food, pranks, fun, etc.
  6. You need not worry about a career path you want to take in your life. Your elder sister would be there to guide you knowing your skills and sensitivities.
  7. If you are a partner in a prank with your elder sister, then you’re safe as the elders get all the thrashing from parents!
  8. Through the contacts of your elder sister, you become a famous guy in your school. Girls come to you for discussion on one pretext or the other.
  9. You get excited when a stranger is not able to make out who is elder between you and your sister.
  10. You have been made to believe that you’re adopted to make you cry and feel lonely. You might have fallen for it several times.

Source by Balakrishnan Lekshminarayanan